Sunday, May 3, 2015

Third time's a charm (week one)

 Since my last post I have decided to join Weight Watchers (again) for the third time.   I know I have gained weight but I really have learned a lot about myself, exercise and nutrition.    I have learned that I have a problem with refined sugar.  The more I eat of the white stuff the more I want.   This will never change.  I have stopped eating white sugar for over 2 months.  I  have slowly eliminated the food that I binge on and introduced  healthier less tempting foods.    If I have a craving for ice cream I throw frozen bananas in my new food processor and it really does the trick and tastes great!  If I have a craving for chocolate I have been making these energy balls.  (cocoa, dates, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, oats, almonds)  The dates are really sweet so no need to add white sugar.  I can eat one or two balls and I am satisfied.  I have learned that I have to be patient with my weight loss and if I hit a plateau that's okay.  I have to trust the process.   I think that's what happened last time I joined WW.  I was losing and losing then all of sudden I stopped losing got upset  and well just gave up!     I have learned that I can be really hard on myself and this has hindered my weight loss process.  I am slowly trying to be more kind to myself and forgive and move on.    I have learned that I am not a bad cook.  Unless Rob is lying to me. lol   I have been trying new recipes, asking a ton of questions to my cooking friends.  And slowly starting to enjoy my creations.   I have learned that I am adventurous person and I am willing to try new things whether it is trying spaghetti squash for the first time or trying a new workout class.     I have learned that I have to trust myself and be honest with how I am feeling.  I have also learned I am a brave person for stepping on the scale at WW and attending a meeting.  It's not easy but I did it. 
Week One- 263.8
I am ready to start the program, to continue living a healthy lifestyle, being patient and hard working.   
Here we go! 
Monday will be my weigh in day. 
See you Monday!


  1. I enjoyed reading you blog this morning , awareness is the first step towards recovery. Unlike any other addiction , we have to take the tiger out of the cage three time a day ,and if we count snacks five times a day.!!! Learning to get back on track after a mental, emotional or physical tail spin has always been challenging for me and still is .... ..... like Mick says it's progress not perfection. One day at time , one week at time ...I have to remind myself everyday that ..... One pound a week , equal to fifty two pounds a year ....MOM Q.