Tuesday, October 9, 2012

One year anniversary and my 100th post

For the past few days I have been thinking about this 100th post.  I can't believe it has been over a year since I wrote my first post!  I started thinking about what did I accomplish?  How much weight do I lose?  How did I grow in this past year?   What has changed for the better?  ( I will answer these questions in a bit) 

While this is a weight loss blog, to me it is so much more!   It's a place where I have learned about who I am. A place where I can feel safe and have no judgement.  Even my writing has improved.  I am extremely insecure about my writing always have been.   My friends always teased me in middle school and high school.  I tend to miss words and my grammar is poor.   It is time consuming to write this blog because I have to reread my posts about 5 or 6 times then have Rob proofread  it to make sure they're are no mistakes before I hit the publish button.  You may ask, why do you blog if it doesn't come easy to me?  One it holds me accountable and two it helps me release all the feelings I have on weight loss and life in general. 
It is now  been over a week since I have posted.  This post has been really emotional to write because I really thought I would be further in my weight loss journey.  Last year at this time I weighted 229 pounds.  Currently I weight 237.5.  I am up 8.5 pounds and this year has been a struggle of ups and downs in my weight.  Although I gained some weight.  I am happy that I have kept off the 36.5 pounds.  I could have easily gained all the 50 pounds back so for that I am grateful.   Before this post gets to be to much of a downer,  I went back to the beginning of my posts to see what it was, I wanted from this blog.   I wanted to lose weight of course but there was also things I wanted to accomplish or improve about myself.  Here are some of them  I have completed or are getting close to completing
1.  I wanted to try a Spin Class. 
Not only did I try it.  I have gone to the classes regularly over the past year.   I have completed over 130 cardio workouts from August 2011 to August 2012.  Working out has become a routine in the last year.  I regularly go 3 to 5 times a week and do not know what I would do without it.  Since I was sixteen I have gone on and off to the gym but for only 3 to 6 month spurts and then I wouldn't go for a year etc.   I have been consistently going for the last two years and this a HUGE accomplishment for me.   
2.  I wanted to see definition in my arms
I have really focused on doing weight training especially on my arms  and I definitely see a change compared to last year.  They are more toned  although I am not completely satisfied, it is a step in the right direction. 
3.  To complete 20 full push ups
I can currently doing one full push up but last year I wasn't even able to do a half pushup.  I am able to 20 half pushups easily so I'm hoping by this time next year I will complete this goal. 
4.  To fit in to a size 14
I am not able to fit into a size 14 pants however I am able to fit into a size 14 dress.  So I kind of completed this. 
5. To have no back fat
I have notice just recently that although my back fat is still there it has gone down a considerable amount. 
In July, I started doing monthly challenges and this has been one the greatest things for me it helps me stay motivated and accountable.   So far I have followed the 100 mile challenge, the Ab challenge and currently I am doing the No fast food for the month of October. I am always searching the web for new ideas. 
Rob and I also did quite well on our summer challenge we were able to completed 8 of the 11 of the activities.  Check out the tab if interested in knowing what we did. 
For my next 100 posts.  I want to continue setting monthly goals, lose 50 pounds and complete at least 10 things on my goals list.   This year I learned a lot about myself.   I realized I will fall but always dust myself off and get back up again and that is quality I'm thankful to have most of all. 
I would like to thank all the people who have followed my blog and commented.  It helps me more than you know.  You guys inspire me everyday. 
A special thanks goes out to my wonderful, loving and supportive mother who has read every single post I have ever written.  I am one lucky daughter!

And lastly to my patient, super supportive boyfriend Rob.  Thanks for editing my posts and loving me no matter what!  


  1. Wow! 100 post!!!! I feel very touched you've allowed me to read your Blogs . You look slimmer than last year so it's hard for me to beleive you weigh more . Did you take your measurements last year?

    I think your goal to give up Fast Food or Take out will make a big difference this month .....I'm giving up diet pop again ..... I admit I'm a diet Pop addict...LOL it's all or nothing for me. I got on the scale on Monday morning and I stayed the same as last Monday.....but my goal is 2 lbs every month staring this month until my 65th birthday next year on Sept 24,2013 , so 12 months at 2 lbs a month , a total of 24 lbs ....which equates to about two dress sizes.... small monthly goal but big yearly loss. As I'm writing this I'm visualizing 24 lbs of butter so 36.5 lbs of butter you've lost that's a lot of butter ....LOL Maybe last year was about YOU maintaining 36.5 weight loss .....it's been my experience that most women with weight issues have problems with maintaining their weight loss. You've completed so many challenges and made so many changes this year so I'm so glad you're taking the time to reflect on your accomplishments. Yipee for Joy! You are beautiful , kind , bright woman with a great sense of humour. Think how often you made your patients smile when you do your Personal Support Work and how many of your clients smile when you work at your waistress job ..... remember you have a gift to make people smile & it's something you do naturally .... Laughter heals and with your warm peronality your dementia patients and their spouse feel safe and trust you .......Love you a whole bunch ......Mom Q.

    1. Thanks for all the lovely things you wrote means a lot coming from you. I know you can lose this 24 pounds!!

  2. this is a great post. congrats on 1 year!

    1. Thank you so much! I love reading your blog :)

  3. Think I love about you is how determined you are...and how you get up day after day against this fight. Maybe I don't say it enough but I'm very proud and impressed by your motivation. Here's to a 100 more...