Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Trip, 5k Race, and more

Hello All,

I am back from our trip from the Dominican Republic we had an amazing week, we couldn't have asked for better weather, food, drinks, and activities.  Here's a link to the photo album
As for my weight I weighted myself when I got back and I gained 4 pounds.  I'm still not a hundred percent on food but I'm back  on track with the gym.  We got home Thursday night and I worked out Friday,  Ran a 5km race on Saturday, Played Volleyball on Monday and worked out today.   

I felt so good about my 5km Race!  I ran/walked it in 50 mins.  I ran it three years ago at 54 mins.  I can remember running/walking it the first time and it felt like it would never end.  But this weekend I felt lighter and found it much easier!   It also helps to have your boyfriend and friends cheering you along the way.   I know one of my goals was to complete a 10km in an hour.  But I think I am really going to focus on the 5km and improve my time.  I have decided to run the Army Race in September and my goal is to complete it in 40 mins.     

Here is a picture of me after completing the 5K


Here is a few things I have tried for the first time in the past few weeks.

1. Swam in the Atlantic Ocean
2. Ate Cow intestine ( I found that after of course and I won't be trying it again)
3. Tried Golf and loved it!
4. Went Dune Bugging
5. Shot an Air Gun/Pellet Gun
6. Tried Sugar Cane and of course I liked it!
7. Went to a new country (Dom Rep) 
8. Bartered for the first time and was pretty good at it... but found it a bit annoying

and that's all I can remember but I think that a pretty good list!   It's made me realize I enjoy trying new things even if makes me nervous at first.  I enjoy testing/challenging myself it makes me feel empowered. 

Last thing

When I went to Mexico two year ago I was barely able to put the the seat belt on even after I had lost 30 pounds.   Here is how the seat belt fits now..

I have a couple inches to spare! 


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You know it is a good day when...........

I lost 2.5 pounds this week wish it was more since I had a 7.5 pound gain last week but it is better then nothing.   I really think going on vacation is going to rejuvenate me and get me focused again.  I can't wait to relax in the sun, swim in the ocean, and enjoy a whole 7 days with my Robby.  It's our first trip down south by ourselves and it should be interesting to see how much we love each other after of the trip lol...      

You are probably wondering about the title of this entry.  I was doing some last minute shopping at old navy for my trip and I bought some tank tops, a skirt, flip flops, shorts and a bathing suit top.  I like the tops on me but I realized I needed some proper fitting bras.  I ventured over to Addition Elle ( a plus size shop)  and got measured for a bra.  It turns out I am between sizes 38 C to  40 C and all this time I thought I was a B!!    I bought the 40 C because it was more comfortable but it sucks because it's a rare size.    Anyways I starting looking around and I saw this cute jean dress I grabbed a size 18 but then I realized I'm probably a 16.   So I tried on the 16  and it was too big!  "You know its a good day when you ask for a size 14  and it is the smallest size in the store", it was a pretty good feeling. 

I would love to here a weight loss success story from you... 


p.s two more sleeps till I am in the Dominican!!! 

Touch and Go

This week has been up and down with eating but I will continue to try to make the right choices.  I started reading a new blog, in one of her entries I had an "aha" moment.  I realized I know how to eat and what to eat to nourish my body.  I am even aware when I binge.  I'm  certainly not in denial anymore!  There has been many times when I am in control of my binge eating but other times I cannot control it not even a little.  Now when I binge I feel guilty during the negotiation process, the process it self and the after effects!  Before it only used to be the after affects.  I can honest say I was not aware. 

  I think for the next 60 pounds to come off I am going to have dig deep and try to find the real reasons why  I binge. I know this is not going to happen over night but it is a step in the right direction.  I know blogging helps and it will continue to.   I think when I go on vacation with Rob where I don't have to think about cleaning the house, going to work, running errand, going to appointment, etc etc.   I am going to take the time and really reflect on what it is I am afraid of. 

On another note I went to Step class which was AWESOME!! Such a great workout, I may not know all the steps and might dance to my own beat but I think I am going to go more often.  I also walk/jog 4.5km.  I have a 10km coming up in two weeks I am not really ready but I am still going to finish it.  I am hoping by August/September I will reach my goal of running a 10km in an hour.  I had to set a new goal for this race.  I am hoping to have a time of 1 hour and 30mins.  Wish me luck.  I will have photos to follow and of my trip too! 

I'm beat!   Worked a 14 hour day, time to go lie down and read the Hunger Games.  So good btw if you haven't read it do it! 

Sweet Dreams

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7.5 gain (what???)

As I said in my previous post  I did have a 24 hour binge but really???!!   There has to be something wrong with the Wii scale??   I did go out drinking on Saturday night and drank a weeee bit too much so maybe its that.  

 I should tell you about my Saturday it was very spontaneous.  My best friend Jen invited me to go  out with her and her friend Richelle and about 8 other people to party for the night she ask me on Friday and if anyone who know me, I hate making plans on short notice. But we are both going through a hard time so after three hours of begging.  I finally gave in!

My Saturday:

10:00am-4:00pm: Worked at the Restaurant

4:00pm-5:00pm: Tried to find a cute bar top that was inexpensive with no such luck

5:00-7:00pm:  Showered, blowed dried my hair then triple barrel my hair which took forever btw.  Tried on, oh about 8 outfits and put poor Rob through the hassle of telling me how every outfit looked.  (Does this make me look fat?  Does this look better than the last outfit? Can you see my fat stomach in this outfit? etc.)  I was stressing about it !  All the girls I was going with, were wearing dresses but every dress I tried on I felt fat and bloat!  I  finally found an outfit I felt comfortable in. (Pictures to follow)

7:30pm: Pre-drinking at Richelle house met some new people and saw some old friends.

9:00pm:  Limo arrives,  yes I said limo.  It was Richelle's birthday so we rented a limo to take us to Montreal which is about a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. This limo was pimp'in : Hummer limo to be exact.

9:30pm: Right before we turned on the highway  and without warning the limo driver slams on the brakes and of course there are no seat belts so we all went sliding on the leather seats into each other. At the exact same moment I was pouring myself a drink,  liquor flying everywhere lucky for me I didn't get much on me but the poor guy sitting beside got a tad bit wet!   oops I did feel really bad. 

11:00pm:  Pee break at McDonald with the drinking we were doing everyone need to use the bathroom!!! 

12:00am:  Arrive in Montreal it usually only takes about 2 hours but with pee breaks, missed turn and construction it took over three hours. Not that it really matters we were have a super fun time in the limo!

12:05am:  Arrive at the bar, we got VIP and table service, lots of dancing!  The DJ was amazing he was playing a lot of old school music.

2:30am: slowly rounded up the troops to get some poutine and back on the road to Ottawa.  We did however get pulled over by the police for some reason?   But everything turned out to be okay.  I still don't why it happened in the first place? 

3:30am: back on the road to Ottawa

5:30am: Arrive back in Ottawa and my very sweet boyfriend picks me up

Kind of a crazy night eh?

Needless to say...  maybe it's the alcohol that made me retain water?  and have a 7.5 pound  weight gain. 

I was back on track on Monday. 

I usually only go on the scale once a week but I might go on Thursday to see if the scale was playing tricks on me!

Outside the limo, I'm on the right :)
 For those of you who are not Canadian this is what a poutine is.  Fries, Gravy and cheese curbs very yummy.  But I am happy to say I only had one bite.

Look at the size of the limo!  Huge!

This is a triple barell curling iron.  I borrowed it from a friend. It was my first time using it.  I like the look but very time consuming.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Food doesn't solve anything

I'm having a bad day I am sick of feeling worry, anger, disappointment, guilt and betrayal, so to numb the pain  I decided to stuff my face for the last 24 hours.   Now my stomach is bloated, in knots and I feel disgusted with myself.  I need to stop relying on food to make me feel better.  I am even embarrassed to type this but I know I need to in order to get better.  Something is not working I need to try something different to beat this binge eating. I am very aware of why I do it,  I don`t want to feel the emotions I am dealing with so I eat and eat.  Sometimes I am able to stop it but then when that little voice in my head takes over there is no turning back.  I need to start feeling all my emotions, deal with them in a healthy way and move on.  But I have to acknowledge them first or I will never recover from binging.  It is very hard sometimes when I feel the sadness and anger around me especially with close friends and family it is even more intense.  It's almost like I am feeling it first hand. 

I'm crashing from my sugar high I"m going to get so sleep.

What do you do when you are feeling upset?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I see a difference!

I have been feeling a bit bummed, by now I really thought I would accomplish more on my goals list :(   But then I was looking at some pictures of me that I took in the fall.  I decided to update a photo of my arms do see if I have any more definition and to my excitement I did!  It is not my end goal but hey at least there is progress.  I used Paint to get a before and after picture.  I have really tried to focus on my biceps at the gym by doing weights and push ups. 

You think it would be easy to find a picture of what I would like my arms to be.  I think I looked for like an hour before I found something.   Either they were too muscly or too skinny.  This is as close as I could get :)

Pin Interest

Pin Interest is a great website to find recipes, motivation, hair styles, DIY and more!!  I saw this and I think it is great words do live by :)