Thursday, December 29, 2011

Weight in Day!

Lost a pound this week.  Down 7.5 pounds for the month of December.  I am pretty proud of that.  I also did 18 days of no starchy carbs and no sugar.  It is always great to complete a goal!  

 Christmas was a bit different this year with no sweets involved. It's a first to have no belly aches.  

 I enjoyed my  workout today and I am going to try to go as much as possible this week  since work is pretty slow.  

I feel in the groove of things now and I am realizing sugar is not my friend.   Dec 6 2011 was the last day I had a chocolate bar, pizza, chips, donuts, cookies these are my trigger foods.  I am going to continue being abstinence from these food.   I do have sugar-free food like jello and whipped cream but it doesn't seem to effect me .   I also am going to stick to, two to three starchy carbs a day.  Rice, rice crackers, sweet potato's and occasional fresh whole wheat bread with no preservatives will be my choices. 

In the new year there will be a lot of milestones to accomplish.   There is also a few that will happen around the same time because they are similar.    Next goal to achieve is size 14 pants.  While researching the tri-tri  I discovered  sign up date is at the end of January.    Bring your Pom Poms I will need some cheer leaders.   January will also be the month to start training for the 10km.   It is a big goal to finish it an hour here's hoping I can do it!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 pound loss this week!

I'm very excited about my weight loss in the last two weeks 6.5 pounds!    It has been a busy  two weeks with work, exam, and holiday gatherings.  Last week I decided to  take a  break from the gym I think my body needed it.  I have been very disciplined with my eating.  I am on day 15 of 18 of no starchy carbs  and very little sugar.   

Funny story:  I was just hanging out with my sister and she wanted me to try the Christmas cookies she made for me (low carb, no sugar)   I took a bite and realized there was oatmeal in it and I wanted to stick to my goal of 18 days of no starchy carbs.  So after one chew,  I spit it out (I was in the car)   I told her It tested really good but I just didn't want to digest till Christmas LOL  I'm nutty but really I think that is true discipline.

well write soon! 


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Down 3.5 pounds! Yipee!

I had a good week of eating and working out.  I am excited that I lost 3.5 pounds.  It feels very rewarding after all the hard work I put in.    I know some days are going to be  hard, eating wise but I just have to stay FOCUSED, when I am craving sweets.   I don't want to eat high calorie sweets anymore. 

 I have decided I am not going to have any carbs until Christmas.   18 days in total.  I am on day 7 now and I am feeling better about myself.  Yes sometimes when I am serving food at the restaurant or going through the grocery store it makes my mouth water to see that yummy food but I am able to resist it because for me, one bite will never be enough. 

I was reading this weight loss blog and he wrote that it is, the hardest to resist the first bite but also can be the easiest because you know if you do have that first bite you just won't stop!   

Being Under 200 pounds is super important to me.  But if I do not try everything in my power, to lose this weight then I will not get the results I want.

What goals do you want to achieve??  What are you willing to give up to reach that goal?  Are you willing to put in that extra hard work to get there? 

That is what I am slowly starting to see.  Take for example my career goals.  For years I went from job to job.  School Programs to the next.   Finally stumbling upon Personal Support Worker.   Excelling in that program I realized I wanted more responsibility.   I really want to be a  nurse but to get there I have to take grade 12 math and grade 11 biology. As of tomorrow as hard, as it was, I will have completed my math class. (Not everyone would do this at the age of 31 and for that I am proud) Then finally I will have all the qualification to go into Nursing.  Two years of nursing plus an exam I will be done.   

 It is all about baby steps to reach your goals and being able to see the finish line. (Even if, it takes  a few years)  Keep your eyes on the prize.    This analogy is how I feel about my weight loss.   I will get there.  I will fall down sometimes but getting back up and pursuing my dreams is what it is all about! 

Have  good week!  I am looking forward to next weeks weight in. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gained a pound.

I am not surprised by this weight gain, my eating was bad for most of the week.

Christmas is upon us and with that comes yummy food and drinks. I'm still going to try to watch what I eat and not gain the 5 to 8 pounds gained over the holiday season.

On a plus side I burned 1300 calories last week, it is the most I have burned since keeping track in August.  I am proud of that!
I had a "Aha" moment this week. I was telling a co-worker that I burned 1300 calories he said " That's impressive Joy!  That's  a whole day of calories!  I had not thought about it like that and it makes it that much more of an accomplishment!
I forgot to do my measurements last week   I will start again in January.
I got insulted by a co-worker tonight.  It really upset me.  I  do not think it was intentional but it still hurt. I was walking outside to my car after I just finished my workout. (I was feeling really good about myself for working out because all day I was feeling  really lazy.) I started talking to a couple of my co worker who were smoking.  One of them asked how my workout was?  I told him it was great. Then the other co-worker started talking about a server who has but on a bit of weight.  Then out of nowhere.  One of them said "Do you want to know how to get ride of your gut? ". (Like really come on!). I asked him how and he said to get pregnant.  I said I do know how that will help?  He didn't give me  a straight answer I laughed it off and said don't worry,  it is slowly coming off I will be skinny yet!   Then I think he realized he screwed up and said oh Joy l like you the way you are!  I wish people would think before they blurt out things

What I should have said "Your 50 now you think you would know better not  to say that to a  woman especially one who did not even ask for you advice.  I don't think being preggers
will help with you big Gut!! but of course I didn't.

I know my lower half of my stomach sticks out partly fat and partly loose skin.  I am extremely embarrassed about it and always try to wear long shirts to cover it.

:( Needless to say I binged to make myself feel better.  I'm going to an OA meeting tomorrow or Thursday to help with this.

I hope everyone has a great week!