Monday, September 23, 2013

30 pounds down and counting...

I was at WW tonight for my regular weigh in day.  I hopped  on the scale to see a loss of 2.5 pounds!!!   It's been a while since I lost that much weight.   The women who weights me writes down a totalI lost 29.9?!!  I was kind bummed because I wanted that 5 pound star!!  I looked at how much I weighed as of now 223.  Wait a minute I started at 253.  Lol am such a numbers girls.   So happy to be down 30 pounds and get that 5 pound star!  I think running three 5 km's and a kickboxing  class this week really helped. 

I ran my third race this year.  It's one of the bigger races in Ottawa.  All the proceeds go to disabled solders.  It was my first time running in the Army race.  Although it was really early in the morning.  I really had a great run.  I ran the exact same route in may and shaved off 3 minutes.  It's not my personal best but It really doesn't bother me because I had such an enjoyable time!  I ended up running it in 43:35.  

At the end of the race I ran into two of my friends.  One who also happens to be another follow blogger at Healthy foodies, Losing booties.  I am so proud of the three of us :). 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Off routine but no more excuses!

Gained half a pound this week :(.  This past month has been so off kilter.  With trips, work getting busy and going back to school I am still trying to find my groove.   I'm getting there slowly, the first 25 pounds seemed easy compared to this 5 pounds I am trying to lose.  It seems like it is taking forever to lose a total of 30 pounds!  Where did my mojo go?    I have currently lose 28 pounds but these last 2 pounds are like Mount Everest :(.   I talked to my peeps at WW for help,  some said to eat more protein,  others said to try not to eat all my weekly points lol. So I announced to the class to have 20  points left over by the end of the week.   

Sadly as of today I have 20 points left and my new week started yesterday.   It's still doable I just have to stay within my allot daily points.  If I want to eat more then I am going to have to earn them by working out.  I have been so frustrated with work lately it's like the blind leading the blind!  And because I do care about the customers and my co workers.  It bothers me how unorganized our restaurant is.    They keep saying there will be positive changes but there has been so many broken promises it is hard to stay optimistic.  I am trying not to put my heart and soul into this place but it is hard to stop caring :(.    If I don't get into school full time in January I am going to have to make some decision because the stress is not worth it.   

I have tomorrow off and I think I am going to go to a yoga class outdoors.  It's the final one of the season maybe it will help centre me.  

On a positive note I had an old high school friend who I haven't seen or talked to in over 13 years, private message me this. I was touched that she took the time to write me it was so unexpected.  

  I am in still in the closet about my blog on FB minus close friends and family.  But I do post before and after pictures and write about my running and exercise.  

I have a 5 km race on Sunday.  It's named the Army Race and people in the military run in it and also the public.  You receive dog tags as a metal which I am excited about :). I am also running this race in  memory of my Pepere (grandfather). He fought in WWII in the Navy and fought his own addictions and was sober for 30 years :). It should be a good run and I will keep you posted :). 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Th smallest things can make you happy

Just a quick note to say I lost 0.2 pound.  I seriously thought I gained 5 pounds over the past two weeks.  I was happy to see I didn't!    My two friends and I who attend Weight Watchers have decided to start a new goal by the end of the year.   They both want to lose 30 pounds and I would like to lose 22 pounds by Christmas to make it an even 50 pounds.  I think it's a practical goal. 
What is your weight loss goal by Christmas/End of the year? 

Sunday, September 8, 2013


In the past couple of weeks I haven't been up to posting on my blog.  I am not sure if it's because I have been busy lately or maybe because I  haven't had too much to say.    I didn't weigh in this week partly because it was a long weekend and partly because I didn't want to see the number on the scale.  I am disappointed in myself for not going since it is the first time since I started Weight Watchers that I haven't. 
I will for sure go this Monday and see the damage I have done.  I have been tracking and exercising (maybe not as much as I would like to)  but my food choices haven't been the greatest and I can feel myself going down a slippery slope.  I will not let that happen, it stops now!  I am not sure if it's the boredom of tracking my food but this program is working for me.  Running has been working for me.   It works but I just have to stick with it.  I know certain things about myself that I need to have protein in the morning to start the day off right.  Egg whites with a slice of bread in the morning seems to help me stay full and  helps me make the right choices throughout the day.  
 I haven't been working as much in the past couple of weeks it's a slow period and when I have too much time on my hands I eat more then I should.  I am a bit anxious about money right now but I am trying to stay positive and be careful with the money I have.  Wouldn't it be nice to be a millionaire?     
Last Saturday I ran a race called Run or Dye.  If you have Facebook I am sure you have seen it advertised.  It's a charity race that happens all over Canada and The USA.  About every km and half they have volunteers throw powder dye at you.   It makes you feel like a kid again :)   I finally broke a personal record, I finished at 41:59!    I have been wanting to get under 45 minutes forever!   I can finally cross that off the list and work towards my next goal :) 

I am so glad I remembered to bring a sheet with me to put in the car!  or it would have been one hot mess! 

I am one of those people who constantly right notes to myself, to do list, goals list etc.  I have been that way since I was a kid.  I truly love the satisfaction of cross things off a list.  This past April I wrote a list of all the things I had planned this summer. 
Wow I did a lot and this list is about 2/3 of what I actually did.   The only downfall I have been noticing I am not enjoying the moments as much as I should.  I seem to be always thinking about the next thing I am doing and how to plan for it.  I don't know if that makes any sense to you but it kind of makes me sad and I think that is part of the reason why the summer went by so fast!  It seems like it was June just yesterday.  Although I do think it is important to plan for trips etc.   I need to take a step back and truly enjoy the moments.      
I will try to this tomorrow as I am in my first golf tournament.