Monday, September 23, 2013

30 pounds down and counting...

I was at WW tonight for my regular weigh in day.  I hopped  on the scale to see a loss of 2.5 pounds!!!   It's been a while since I lost that much weight.   The women who weights me writes down a totalI lost 29.9?!!  I was kind bummed because I wanted that 5 pound star!!  I looked at how much I weighed as of now 223.  Wait a minute I started at 253.  Lol am such a numbers girls.   So happy to be down 30 pounds and get that 5 pound star!  I think running three 5 km's and a kickboxing  class this week really helped. 

I ran my third race this year.  It's one of the bigger races in Ottawa.  All the proceeds go to disabled solders.  It was my first time running in the Army race.  Although it was really early in the morning.  I really had a great run.  I ran the exact same route in may and shaved off 3 minutes.  It's not my personal best but It really doesn't bother me because I had such an enjoyable time!  I ended up running it in 43:35.  

At the end of the race I ran into two of my friends.  One who also happens to be another follow blogger at Healthy foodies, Losing booties.  I am so proud of the three of us :). 

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