Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Last week's weigh in and update.

I am not going to lie.  I usually weigh in on Monday's but since I was still feeling bloated from the weekend.  I waited till Wednesday at noon.  I am sure glad I waited.  I lost 1.5!   I am super happy with that especially since the last few weeks have been very small amounts.  I am one pound away from losing 30 pounds and another 3.5 away to treating myself to spa.     

This past weekend was nuts.  They sure know how to party in Havelock!  Some of my friends were cracking open beers at 8am!   Although I do like to party once and a while I have never been one to drink all day.  I enjoy doing activities during the day and partying at night.  Seeing Reba and Dallas Smith was amazing!   I did feel a tad old since I was partying with people 5 to  10 years younger then me.  While it was fun especially the second day.   I'm not sure if I would go back.    Don't get me wrong I don't regret it at all.  But experiencing it once is more then enough for a life time!  Lol.

Here are few picture of the weekend :).  
Lots of Veggies and Fruit for Camping we probably ate half of it, better then nothing

Partying with old and new friends :)

Rob is hiding the "R" in the poster lol

My girls :)


Dallas Smith

Robby and I!  I just love this man!
I am a country girl now!! 

I weighed in today and gained 1.4 :(   I lost a total of 1.4 pounds for the month of August this is the lowest amount of weight I have lost since April.   It was the hardest month so far but I did have a lot of Fun!  I look forward to September less events to attain, and more routine :)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

It sure is hard losing weight in the summer

I lost 0.5 pound this week.  I was hoping for more since I am aiming to stay the same weight next week of course I want to lose weight but I am going camping in Havelock for a country jamboree.  So the odds of losing is not in my favor.   It's a huge party that last four days.  Rob and I are only going for two my liver couldn't handle anymore lol.  I do have an action plan.  To bring healthy snacks, lean meats,  low calorie alcohol and lots of water!   I am sure I will have some chips and couple of marshmallows but I will track everything I  consume to stay accountable.  

What do you do to stay on track while on Vacation? 

Don't forget to checkout my new updated picture on the left hand side.  

Here is the line up for the jamboree :). I am super excited to see Reba!  

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One Step

It takes one step to press play on a DVD player.  One step to put your runners on. One step to say yes to your health. 

Tonight after work I was deciding whether or not to workout?  After watching Extreme makeover,  Chris Powell is so inspiring!  I decided to workout to Jillian Micheals Kickboxing.  All it took for me to get moving was to press Play!  So simple but the hardest step to take!  The kicking and punching isn't hard to do.  I actually enjoy it.  The choice to hit play, my mind going back and forth, negotiation, that's the hardest part.  But once you do it feels fantastic!  

After having a long weekend here in Canada.  I lost weight not tons but enough to count!  O.8 pounds to be exact.   I am proud of that and you want to know why?  I made a choice to lose weight this week and I did.  I worked out and ate a balance diet.   I went camping over night to Murphy's point an hour outside Ottawa.  It was the first time Rob and I have been there.  We met up with our friends and some of their children.  9 adults and 7 kids!    The whole week I was deciding whether or not to drink??  I was still indecisive the day of but I did buy some alcohol just incase ;).   A low cal option at that.   We arrived around 3pm and by 530pm. My friends were starting supper.  I wasn't hungry yet instead I told Rob I am going to have some drinks tonight so I think this is a good time to go for a run.  I slipped on my runners put on some music and away I went!   The trail was beautiful I wish I would have stopped to take some pictures.  It was a truly calming experience.  It felt like I was in a small town.  People waving at me as I ran by.   I think I ran about 4km.  When I got back to the campsite I was able to enjoy supper,  bond with my adorable friends kids and have adult time with drinks and a few marshmallow ;) and to look up at the stars and see a million of them.  I forgot how different the stars look in the country.  It's all about choices.  Somedays  will be harder then others but it felt good to have a healthy balance.   

Have a good week everyone.  

Friday, August 2, 2013


I have lost 26.5 pounds since April 1st.  This is something to celebrated.  Here are a few of my tips and favorite things that have gotten me this far.  

I am not exactly sure when I  started "The Gym Jar" sometime in March I think?   Every time I work out I put a dollar in it.   Once I reach a $100 or more I am going to treat myself to a new outfit.  I was curious to see how much I had so far and to date I have $61!   That's a lot of blood, sweat and tears!  I found this idea on pinterest.

This is the gym jar I made myself

Last summer Courtney Crozier had a summer challenge and every week she would have a new challenge whether it was mental, physical or something to do with nutrition.   This got me to thinking about having my own monthly Challenges.  I started it last September and every month since then.  In July my challenge was to not eat any fast food except Subway and to workout four times a week.  Here's how I did.  The app is called Streak and I absolutely love it.

I had a few slip ups but 80% is great! 


16 work outs for the Month I always go stronger at the end of the month. 
This months challenge is to eat a salad everyday for either Lunch or Dinner.  It might sound easy but I am not a big fan of vegetables.  I think this will be a great way to get my greens in. 
Awhile ago Jen from priorfatgirl.com posted that that she found this new app called Fit Radio.  I was getting bored of Songza so I thought I would give it a try.  If you love DJ mixes I highly recommend it.  It's free so what do you have to lose!
Looking for workout tunes that play at least 128 bpm? Fit Radio has those and a lot more, all streamed to your phone or PC free of charge.
Have you tried Pop chips???   They are my favorite!   I have been telling everyone I know to give them a try.  They are all natural and low in calories  it's great when you are having a chip craving.  BBQ is my favorite and no I don't work for this company lol  I buy the little serving size bags from Costco and keep them in my truck to avoid eating too many. 
I have gained a couple of pounds in the last couple of weeks.   I wanted to post a few things about my NSV (non scale victory's) 
1.  Customers at work have commented on my weight loss.  
2.  It's been a long time since I have been able to do this!   Especially without using a wall to balance myself. 

3.  I am faster at playing sports such as tennis and racquetball.  Running has also help with this.  
4.  All my clothes that where too tight are fitting or getting too loose.  I need to buy some new underwear they are falling off of me lol
5.  I went to a clothing store to try on some new outfits and I wasn't disgusted by my reflection.  Its been a long time since I have felt that way or even ever!  Running has really leaned me out. 
6.  I am starting to see my collarbones and I can feel my shoulder blades and my hip bones!   
 I hope all my Canadian friends have a great long weekend!  I will  be camping and hoping to get a hike in as well. 
Thanks for reading :)