Wednesday, April 15, 2015

update weight gain

It's been a struggle since I got back from Cuba.    I am the highest weight since I started this blog.    It makes me feel sick and frustrated!  Last time I stepped on the scale I was 264!   I gained 20 pounds since I came back from down south.  Something is not right?   Since my last post I decided to cut any foods that I binge on.  Since the middle of March I have refrained from eating chocolate bars, chips, donuts, cookies and ice cream.  Pizza is the hardest to let go.   I have been eating more bread and fried foods since quitting those items above and I am wondering if the bread is making me bloated?   Even if I gained a ton a weight I am happy to break the cycle of binge eating.   I have been doing weight training for the last 5 weeks plus I started running.   My Fitbit sends me a a weekly update on my steps which is roughly 60000 to 65000 steps.    My diet is not perfect by any means but something is not right if I am gaining that much weight while still be pretty active.  My sleeping has been horrible lately and wondering if that is  the cause???  Who knows?     I am going to continue being active, eating right and hopefully something will change.

Today I started a 30 day online yoga challenge with my cousin and her friend.  So far so good and hopefully this will help make me feel calmer.   Also the days are getting longer and it finally feels like spring.     On Sunday Rob and I had the day off together so we decide to take a walk to the farmers market.  In total we walked about 6km.  It was so nice to be in the sunshine!  

Thanks for reading my rant!   Happy Spring everyone :).