Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow I can't believe it's Friday night already!   I feel like I have been running from one thing to the next.   It's been a week full of friends, work, cottage life and more.  Here are the Highlights :) 
Sunday- Spent Canada Day with my best friend at her parent's Cottage and 25 of her closest relatives!  I just adore her family and experiencing some of their culture.  Her mother is from Trinidad and Tobago.   Although over the years I have tried a lot of different types of food.  I got to try   Doubles for the first time and let me say it was so yummy and a must try.  
Photo: Beautiful view for the night
Photo: Cottage life :)
Monday- Canada Day!   Drove home from the cottage very hung over and I may or may have not stopped at a place with golden arches :(   I know, I know not the best choice.   The rest of the day involved  sleeping and relaxing.
Tuesday- Worked and went for a long run with my very first pair of running shoes!  160 dollars later :(  but I really needed a proper shoes.   My hip has been bothering me but thanks to my lovely chiropractor I am as good as new.  
I bought the pink ones :)
Wednesday-  Chiropractor appointment,  Weighed in at WW plus  went to the meeting.  I almost couldn't believe the scale.  I lost 3.2 pounds!   Just nuts!  I have officially lost 24.9 pounds :)  I am 0.1 pounds away to getting my key chain for losing 10 percent of my body weight.  I am also out of the 230's and you know what that means a Reward for myself.  I ended up buying a dress which I will be wearing tomorrow.  (I will take a picture to show you)  At night I worked on the patio, it was sticky and very humid. I was sweating so much! 
Thursday-  Had  lunch with a good friend and her son.  Then back to work on the patio :(  It was 40C (104F) with the humidity and of course it had to be super busy which usually is a good thing but running up and down stairs bring food and drinks to customers not so fun :( 
Friday-  Spin Class with my cousin and a bit of shopping :)  Then back to work again in this heat!!  I was praying for rain!  But it turned out to be quiet and it finally cooled down a bit or maybe I just got immune to it lol.  
I usually work the weekends but I have the whole weekend off to go to  a Music Festival that is happening here.  I am seeing Dixie Chicks tomorrow and  Wu-tang Clan, Fun and Tegan and Sara on Sunday.  I am going to be one tired girl by Sunday night.  
Wish me luck that I lose  0.1 pound on Monday :)   
Happy 4th of July to my American Friends.  
Until Monday. 


  1. congrats on being .1 away from 25! Hope you managed to have a blast at the festival AND shake off those few ounces you need. Looking forward to seeing the dress...this was a great positive post!