Friday, July 12, 2013

Who gets a cold in the summer?

I didn't receive my key chain this week for losing 10%.  I gained 0.8 :( .    I am not too upset.  I know I over ate a couple days plus I got my period.  Next week will be my week!   I am slowly learning that losing weight is not a race but as long as I track everything I eat and exercise, the weight will come off.  Calories in vs. Calories Out

Here's a few pictures of me from last weekend in my new dress for being under 230!

Photo: My beautiful sister!
I don't love my body yet but I am seeing the positive changes :)

My Cousin and I

My sister, cousin and her friend.

Starting to see a trend lol I swear it is only water ;)

 Rob and  My Cousin Amy Two stepping :)

I had a lovely weekend.  I just adore live music :)   After my weigh in on Monday I started having a headache and my throat was sore :(    I am  on day four of my cold.  I swear I have been through a full box of tissues.  And yes Mom I have been using the Netty Pot ;)     I am hoping by tomorrow I will feel better. 
Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you.  I finally finished Couch to 5K  on Monday!  When I finished running for 30 minutes and I knew I had accomplished my goal.  I let out a Woohoo!!   Then I noticed beside me there were people in their yard  looking at me like I was a lunatic. Oh well sometimes you just need to let it out lol.  Once I get  rid of this head cold  I will be starting a new app called 5K forever.  I will be introducing intervals into my regime.  

My monthly challenge last month was a bust!  I maybe did it once :(    I noticed last month that fast food was creeping back into my diet.  As of July 2 my challenge is no fast. (except Subway)   I have been running a lot but I  have been noticing I need to  bring back strength training.   I am aiming for two times a week.   

What do you prefer Cardio or Weights?   


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  1. You look great in your dress!! Congrats on finishing the 5k program!!