Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Week four and five

Last week was a hard week.  I had some tough decisions to make to end some negativity in my life.  I did it but it wasn't easy and it was very emotional.  I am proud of myself for knowing I deserve better.      I did have a couple of binges because I am still learning to how to feel.    I Tracked everything I ate.   And I went and weighted in even though I really didn't want to.  I ended up losing 0.1 you don't know how happy I was to see that I didn't gain!  I haven't weight in for this week I will go Thursday and see how it goes.  Last Saturday i complete my 3rd and last 10km.   It was so nice to have my friends and family cheering me on.   For me I am going to stick to 5km's and get better with my time.  I am still slow as molasses and it is something I really want to work on.     I did hurt my knee during the race around the 8km mark.  It's been swollen ever since :(. I am frustrated because of my weight gain and I am thinking that it caused my injury!  I really didnt think I would gain weight when I quit smoking but I did!   But I am not going back almost 5 months smoke free and I just have to work that much harder!   I did go to my chiropractor today to see if he could help with my knee and he did!  I swear he has magic hands.  It turns out my knee cap was out of place from the run.   He put it back which hurt ALOT!!  But the swelling is down and is feeling better.

Have a great week :).

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Week 3

I lost .5 this week for a total of three pounds :).

What I did well:  I did a lot of exercise and tracked my food
What I can can improve on:  meal prep is key for me .  It's makes it easy and I am less  tempted to reach for foods that have very little nutritional value.

Until next week

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week two results

I had to work tonight so I couldn't go to the  meeting.  I did however weight in.  I'm down 2.5 for the week.   It's a good start!  

What I did well:  I did a lot of food prep.  Tried some healthy recipes.  Drank water when I was feeling hungry to make sure I wasn't just dehydrated.  Tracked everything I ate.  Practice yoga.  Took my vitamins everyday.   

What I can improve on:  getting more activity points

I am off on Thursday.  I might stop in at WW to go the meeting since I missed it today.  

What I will work on for this week:  I had 15 activity points for the week so I would like to add 5 extra points for this week.   

Thanks for the support!  

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Third time's a charm (week one)

 Since my last post I have decided to join Weight Watchers (again) for the third time.   I know I have gained weight but I really have learned a lot about myself, exercise and nutrition.    I have learned that I have a problem with refined sugar.  The more I eat of the white stuff the more I want.   This will never change.  I have stopped eating white sugar for over 2 months.  I  have slowly eliminated the food that I binge on and introduced  healthier less tempting foods.    If I have a craving for ice cream I throw frozen bananas in my new food processor and it really does the trick and tastes great!  If I have a craving for chocolate I have been making these energy balls.  (cocoa, dates, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, oats, almonds)  The dates are really sweet so no need to add white sugar.  I can eat one or two balls and I am satisfied.  I have learned that I have to be patient with my weight loss and if I hit a plateau that's okay.  I have to trust the process.   I think that's what happened last time I joined WW.  I was losing and losing then all of sudden I stopped losing got upset  and well just gave up!     I have learned that I can be really hard on myself and this has hindered my weight loss process.  I am slowly trying to be more kind to myself and forgive and move on.    I have learned that I am not a bad cook.  Unless Rob is lying to me. lol   I have been trying new recipes, asking a ton of questions to my cooking friends.  And slowly starting to enjoy my creations.   I have learned that I am adventurous person and I am willing to try new things whether it is trying spaghetti squash for the first time or trying a new workout class.     I have learned that I have to trust myself and be honest with how I am feeling.  I have also learned I am a brave person for stepping on the scale at WW and attending a meeting.  It's not easy but I did it. 
Week One- 263.8
I am ready to start the program, to continue living a healthy lifestyle, being patient and hard working.   
Here we go! 
Monday will be my weigh in day. 
See you Monday!