Monthly Challenges


Every month I will try a new fitness challenge focusing on either my endurance, strength training or focusing on certain body parts. 

July 2012- 100 mile challenge (60.72 miles)

August 2012- 100 mile challenge (100.69 miles)  completed

September 2012- 30 day Core challenge (I searched the web for this core challenge)   Completed 16 out of 30 day

October 2012- 30 day Core challenge redue ( I want to see if I can actually do 30 for 30!) I decided to try one challenge a month

Food Challenge- 30 days with out fast food. ( Including Subway) 24 out 31 days

November 2012-  To complete: 500 push ups, 1000 crunches, 500 lunges, 500 squats and 60 mins of planks.  (sprained ankle will complete in the future)

December 2012-  Dietbet to lose four percent of my body weight.  I needed to lose 9.8 and I lost 9 pounds.   

January 2013-  To drink 2 litres of water a day I wasn't keeping track as much as I should have but I did drink more water then I normally would.  I give myself a B- for this challenge. 

February 2013-  1000 push-ups completed!

March 2013- Plank/Push-ups/Jumping Jack not completed

April 2013-  Run 3x a week,  Take a multi vitamin everyday
I ran 14 out 16 runs.  A- for me!   I took a multi-vitamin every second day.  I will try harder next time.

May 2013-  Run 50km,  I was so close 42.7 km!!  I give myself a solid B for my efforts :)

June 2013-  My goal is to accomplish this three times a week until the end of the month.  I give myself a big fat F.  Not completed 

July 2013- No fast food except Subway

August 2013- To eat a salad for lunch or dinner everyday

November 2014- Go to the gym 3 times a week


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