Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Slow and steady wins the race

I lost a pound this week for a total of 3.5 pound for the month of January.  It is almost a pound a week.  I'm pretty  tired tonight.  I will write more on Thursday when  I enter in my measurements  for February.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gained a pound

I do wish I had lost weight this week but I can understand why I didn't.  I only worked out once last week due to my ankle.  However I did eat well and I haven't had any of my trigger foods.   This week I am back at the gym.  I am still taking it easy and having to modify some exercise but I am happy to be back!    I went to boxing tonight, It is so nice to get my aggression out :)   

Here is  a picture of myself from my Christmas party last week.     It nice to see my hard work paying off and feeling pretty in a dress.  (Note:  I hardly ever wear dresses, it was nice to dress up )   This dress is a size 16.  I am hoping next year to be in size 12, wouldn't that be great !

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Weigh in day

I lost a pound this week,  I was hoping for two since I stayed the same last week but a loss is a loss.   I have been working out like a mad women.  Boxing,  spinning and running seem to be my exercises of choice and I am absolutely loving it!   

After a year of consistently going to the gym, it is part of my routine.   

 I had a little accident this weekend, I fell and sprained my ankle after a few two many alcohol beverages. :(   I am annoyed with myself but it is not going to slow me down.  Of course I am going to hold off on any weight bearing exercises but I can still do strength training and swimming.   

I am in a bit of a funk with my personal life , I am trying to figure out how to change that.  My eating and exercise have been great, work is fine but I feel that being in your 30's can be a tough age and I am trying to sort that out without binge eating which is super hard for me!!!  

Life can't be perfect all the time and something you consistently have to reevaluate .   It would be nice to get away to clear my head but that is not an option right now so I have  to think of other ways to deal with this.   It is something to think about?

Monday, January 9, 2012

Weight in day

The exact same, the exact same!  I have to say it twice because I can't believe it!   I burned over 1900 calories and ate healthy.  I guess this happens sometimes but I felt I was on such a roll!   The only thing I can think of is to watch my sodium intake, drink more water and workout even harder this week!  

I am Not going to sabatage/binge it makes me that more determined!!

What obstacles do you have in your life that you can overcome?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

30 Days of Abstinence

A quick note|:  I have been  abstinence/binge free from the following foods for 30 days : pizza, donuts, cookies, chips , ice cream and other sugery foods!   

 It has been an up and down battle but losing weight, not feeling bloated or ashamed out weight the cravings.
I'm not going to lie and say it has been easy there is has been days where I want to binge on a whole pizza but I am trying to replace it with work outs at the gym and giving myself daily reminders that it is not worth it. I will never feel satisfied from eating those foods I will just want more and more.    

What healthy changes are you doing for yourself??  Tell me your experiences

Have a good week!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Weight In day!

I lost 2.5 pounds this week for a total of 10 pounds since I started being strict again!!     I  have decided I want to weight 199 when we go away on our trip in mid April.  I also want to wear a bikini top while I am there.   28.5 pounds to go!!!  I can't wait!


In order to move forward in life, sometimes you need to look back and reflect on the past to see how how far you have come.  In this post I want go back two year ago to where it all started. 

(Two years ago)

Two years ago I was very uncomfortable about my body nothing was fitting me properly and It was getting harder and harder to find clothes that actually looked good or fit.  

I can also remember going  to the movies with Rob and I had to squeeze myself in the chair, the arm rests were too small  it was very uncomfortable.  To be honest any chair that had an arm rest I had to squeeze into.

My friends and I went to see a concert in Montreal and before hand we went shopping. I wasn't able to fit into anything and it made me realize that I was different it was very depressing and made me feel very fat!  

I  still a sweat alot but when I was heavier especially at work I would be very sweaty just walking around. 

Two years ago I was in denial of my eating binges and looking back it was pretty bad.  I can't guarantee I won't have another binge but at least I am aware of now.  Stress, depression and the feeling of being out of control are my triggers.

When going out to the club with friends or  really anywhere I never got checked out by men. I was always told if you just lost weight you would be gorgeous.  Blah so annoying and an awful thing to say.  


I have way more options for clothing stores.  Before it was only two stores I could shop at and now I can pretty much go anywhere for shirts.  I am still plus size on the bottom but I am getting closer to being out of it!!!   

I have no problems with arm chairs anymore I did have a moment about a year back when I realized I could just sit in a movie theatre chair and not have to squeeze myself in it.  It has been a highlight of my weight loss.  

Now when  I walk, I feel lighter and move faster.   Even my friends noticed. 

Now when I go out to the bars or stores I find men looking at me.   Maybe it is because I feel more confident or  because I look better lol !  I have a boyfriend I am not looking for a man but it nice to feel noticed and to have drinks bought for you.  I never experienced that before. 

I still have body issues but I am trying to focus on the things I do like about my body.  I am proud to say I feel fit.   I still have a ways to go but I want to enjoy the ride and not just focus on the finish line. 

What things have you notice about your weight loss?

This week I went to the gym 5 times and burned 1500 calories.  Weight in day and measurement are tomorrow.  See you then.