Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Racing with 8500 other Runners

My race on Saturday was interesting....   I had a busy day before the big event which started at 5:10pm. 

 I woke up super early in 'Joy world", 7am yikes!  I got maybe four hours sleep but I was excited to go to The Great Glebe Garage Sale with my sister.  For those of you who don't live in Ottawa it's the largest garage sale in the city.  There is blocks and blocks of stuff for sale, it's awesome!   My sister and I  have been going for a few years now and its amazing how much hidden treasures you can find.  Its a whole experience, seeing the adorable kids selling lemonade and cookies.  Listening to spunky old men playing brass,  watching a man tap dance to get buyers attention.  If you are ever in Ottawa I highly recommend it.   After a few hours we left with all of our goodies and I dropped my sister off at my moms.  Then I raced to my friends house who was hosting a baby shower for one of our friends. My two friends who hosted did an amazing job and there was a lot healthy food options which was an added bonus.   After the shower I went home to take a quick nap.  Then Rob and I jumped on a bus to get to the race.  At this point my stomach was in knots.   We got there in plenty of time.   I gave Rob a quick kiss and headed to the start line. This year, the start line was in a different place.   At this point I started to panic,  I had no idea where it was???  Thankfully it was close by and I sighed in relief. 
Photo: Starting line !!!  Over 8500 racing the 5k.  #race #ottawa
Found it!!

 There was two waves, the faster runners at 5pm and the slower runners  at 5:10pm.  I was part of the 5:10 group.    The race started and it was slow moving for the first 1/4km.  I started all the apps I use when I run (couch to 5km, Songza and the Nike app). Of course the Nike app wouldn't work which was a huge bummer because I could not see what pace I was going.   About 5 minutes into the race one of my shoelaces came undone.  I almost didn't want to stop but since I was running with 8500 people I decided it might be a good idea. At the 3.5km mark I saw my sister, mom and step dad with a sign cheering me on!   It was so special to see them there for me :).  I zoomed by them and about 2 minutes later I saw two of my friends encouraging me to keep running.  I was very touched they came especially since they were the ones who had hosted the baby shower earlier.    The last km was tough.  500 metres before the finish line my Rob was there with a big smile on his face telling me to book it to the finish line.  All and all it was great.   I was disappointed with my time. 47:23 I really wanted to be under 45 mins.   When I was training the fastest I  ran was 40 minutes.   I know I will beat my time next race!  On a positive note I run it 3 minutes faster compared to last year.  
Photo: I did it and it felt great!!! Thanks for all the support from friends and family!  Love you :).
Post Race

In other news I lost 2.7 pounds this week.    That's a total of 5.2 pounds for the month of May.  I am super happy with this :). 

On a totally different topic I messaged Jillian Michaels on Instagram  to tell her how happy I was with her show.  And she messaged me back!!  How exciting is that!!  

I hope everyone is having a great week!  

Has anyone ever used the couch to 5km app?? If so what did you use afterwards??  I have four more runs and I am looking for another great training app.

Thanks for reading.    

Friday, May 24, 2013


This post is tad bit late.  I tried to weigh in on Monday but since it was a holiday in Canada I had no luck.  I even tried two different places :(  I did however weigh in on Tuesday and I am sad to report I am up 1.3 pounds.  I am not surprised at all, the numbers don't lie.  I tracked everything I ate and drank and I was in the negative oops!  I know it had to do with the alcohol I consumed but I did have a blast!    Mont Tremblant was beautiful, our chalet was very fancy and it was great to share laughs with friends and sing karaoke till all hours of the night. 
As I had previously posted Rob surprised me with tickets to see Jillian Micheals.  She was an amazing speaker and in another posted I will go into more detail. 
Today in the pouring rain I ran for total of 30 minutes!! Straight!!   I am still in awe of what the human body can accomplishment in such a small about of time.   It feels like yesterday when I thought 5 minutes would be next to impossible!! But I stuck with it and look what happened :)   My 5 km race is this Saturday.  I am starting to get really nervous  and I am not sure why ?? it's not like this is my first race??   Maybe it's because this is the first race I have truly trained for??  Who knows??  
Keep you posted and  I will take some pictures too! 
How is your week going??  Do you ever get super nervous before a race?? 
P.S. My goal is to finish in 45 minutes.  (fingers crossed) 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WI Results

Another great weight in this week :)  2.1 pounds down !!  I received another 5 pound star, even though I had to remind the lady at the desk that I was entitled to one.  I wish she was a little more excited about the whole weight loss process since it is Weight Watchers.   
I went to an all you can eat sushi restaurant last week it was amazing and I am  proud to announce I wrote down everything I ate.  I think it was something like 50 points!  Which is a little ridiculous, needless to say I will be only going there once or twice a year , it just isn't worth it!  
My workouts have been up to par.  Can you believe that I ran 25 minutes straight!!!???  I did and it felt absolutely wonderful!   I can't believe I have been training 3 times a week since the end of March!   Race day is less then two weeks away.     I am really looking forward to crossing that finish line. 
Weekly Workouts
Monday-  Running (37mins)
Tuesday- Running (36mins)
Wednesday-  Yoga (60mins)
Thursday- Running  (30mins)   
Saturday and Sunday I worked a total of 26 hours which equals a lot of miles walking and serving customers all day and night.  Although I don't count this as a workout.  I am sure I burned some serious calories. 
I am looking forward to an amazing weekend.  Friday I am going to Mont Tremblant for the night,  Saturday I will be seeing Jillian Michael's and Sunday I am going to a BBQ.  I hope the weather holds up.  I am going to try to stay within my daily points and save my extra points for the weekend.  I promise to take lots of pictures :)  
Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I really appreciate it.  I love reading all of your comments and it makes a world of difference to me.    It helps me stay motivated and less alone in this whole  weight loss process.
P.S I updated my Progress Photo's,  I see a bit of a difference especially in my back rolls lol  Gawd I can't wait till those are gone!  

Thursday, May 9, 2013


I went to Yoga on the hill  for the first time this season it was a beautiful hot summer day and I loved every minute of it.   There was over 1000 people who participated!    Here's a few pictures to share with my peeps :)

Photo: Beautiful day to practice yoga!
Before we started

nothing feels better then a back stretch
They will be offering free yoga every Wednesday at noon from May to August.  I am going to try to go as much as possible this summer. 
I went for my well deserved pedicure tonight :) 

It looks grey in this pic but it's more of a bluish colour

Have a great week! 


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

WI Results

I am down 1.6 pounds this week.  It was a hard week I had so many cravings.  I tried to deal with them in a positive manner either by going to sleep, distracting myself by reading or having one sweet treat instead of 6!   It worked for the most part.   
Weekly Workouts
Tuesday- Jogging (31mins)
Thursday- Jogging (32mins) 
Sunday- Driving range (35mins)  
On Thursday I had a bad run.  I was suppose to warm-up for 5 minutes then run for 20 minutes straight!!  I knew I would feel great once  I finished but it just started off bad.  My music wasn't working properly which was very annoying then after 15 minutes of running I realized my Nike app was on pause so it didn't track the last twenty minutes.  I wanted to cry!!  I know it's not earth shattering but I really wanted to know my distance and pace so I stopped running and just walked home.  I know I should have kept on running but my heart wasn't in it :(   I am back on track today and went for a great run ! Next time if that happens again I have to push through and deal with it.  
Now that I am under 240 I can treat myself to a pedicure!!  I am going Wednesday.  I can't wait!!  
Have a great week everyone!! 
Is anyone on Weight Watchers?? If so,  do you eat your weekly points ? 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Debbie downers

I had a great month in April and I am super proud of everything I accomplished but in the last couple of days I have been feeling annoyed with some people. Why is it so hard for people to be happy for one another. I was talking to a co-worker telling her about my running accomplishments. Instead of just listening or congratulating me on my success the comment that comes out of her mouth is "isn't it hard on your joints ?" This is the second time she has said this. I am assuming this is coming from a good place but really?? I told her it hasn't effect me at all.

Today I wrote on my Facebook that my challenge for the month is to run 50 km. I had a few likes and Positive comments saying they might join me with this challenge. That is the primary reason why
I post it on fb to see if anyone wants to join. But of course I get a comment that says, that is only 1.6 km a day. (Thanks for doing the math for me buddy!). He also wrote you should include weight training to your regime. It's very annoying when people assume things instead of asking ??! I do weights as well but he assumed I didn't. I realize I am not
150 pounds but that doesn't mean I haven't been working out since I was 16. I am not saying I am expert but I will say I have gained a lot of knowledge from all the sports and training classes i have taken over the years. From yoga, tae kwon do, volleyball, baseball, tennis, weight training, trying every aerobic class at my gym. This is not my first rodeo even if I am fat. Nutrition and emotional eating is my demon to face. I know these people are not trying to be hurtful and I know I am a sensitive person but it still bothers me lol

I have been having intense cravings for the last few days and I really don't want to undo all my success. Hence the reason I
Am Writing on my blog.

One day I will stop caring about what the Debbie downers say but I am not quite their yet.

How you ever expected this? And how did you deal with it in a healthy manner?

Good Results

I thought last week was the end of the month oops.   I lost 1.8 this week for a total of 12.7 for the month of April!  :)   I lost 5% of my body weight.  Yeah me!  It wasn't easy.  I worked hard for it and it was nice to finally see results. 
 I really wanted to get a pedicure this week but I set up some mini goals for myself and I have to be under 240 lol.  So close!     I guess I will have to wait till next week to get my feet done. :)  
Monthly Challenges:   I ran 14 out of the 16 runs I was suppose to do.  I am still giving myself an A for all the will power it took to run in the first place!! 
My other challenge was to take a multi-vitamin everyday.  I give myself a C+.  Although I took one,  most days I wasn't  as consistent as I should have been.  
I'm still deciding on what my challenge will be for the month of May.  I might try a running challenge again.  I will let you know by tomorrow.     
How is your week going???  Have you tried any new exercises lately?