Long Term Goals

Things I would love to accomplish in the next few years,  I can't wait to cross everything off this list (revised March 2016)

Weigh under 250
Weight under 220
Weight under 199
Weight 170 

Lose 50 pounds  September 23, 2013
Lose 75 pounds
Lose 100 pounds

Fit into a size 16
Fit into a size 14
Fit into a  size 12
Fit into a size 10 

Weight less then my boyfriend (he weights 205)

Try the following:
Spin class
Boot camp
Zip lining
Rock climbing
Tri Tri
Cross fit
White Water Rafting
Drive a Jet Ski
Water Skiing
Curling  completed Feb. 2/13 Curling photo's
Belly Dancing Feb/14
Kettle Bell Class Oct. 8/13 Kettle/TRX
Paddle Boarding Aug/15
Spartan Race
Mud Hero (finish under 1:30mins)

Fit into a solid large
Fit into a solid medium

become Recreation Therapist
Receive my Reiki level 2
Become a yoga teacher
Receive my black belt in Tae Kwon Do

Fit into a chair without my thighs hanging out
Be able to do 20 full push ups

Run a 5 km in 45 mins August 31/2013
Run a 5 km in40mins
Run a 5 km in 35 mins
Run a 10 km in a hour

Have defined arms

Have my weight loss success story in SHAPE magazine

Meet Oprah

Travel to:

South Africa

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