Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fly by post

It has been a tough couple of weeks but I have been trying to get myself out of this black hole.  Last week I gained 1.6 and this week I gained 0.1 pounds.  I feel back on track and I will lose next week! 
Time for a run! 

Thanks for reading.  

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Binge eating.

I just binged and I am trying to figure out why??    This weeks eating habits has gotten worst and worst. I can't truly pin point it.  Am I stressed? Bored?  Anxious? Mad?    

Even as I am binging I am asking myself why?    I just want to crawl into bed, with a good book and escape.  

I haven't been workings as much.  Maybe I am bored? It also doesn't  help that I am not a big fan of my job.  My coworkers are getting on my nerves and I wish sometimes management would do what they are suppose to do!   Thank gawd my customers  keep me sane and appreciate what I do for them.   

I sometimes wonder if I am afraid of success??   I just hit a milestone at weight watchers and this week I feel like I am self sabotaging by eating the way I have.   

I was suppose to go for a run after work but i just lacked the motivation.  Normally i can convince myself to go. Instead I sat on the couch and stuffed my face with Lara bars.  I had a total of six today!   I was disgusted with myself handed the box over to Rob and said hide the rest of them.    

I don't want all my hard work to go down the drain :(.   The one positive,  if you can call  it that,   I tracked everything I ate!  It's not pretty and I almost didn't want to. kind of like, out of sight out of mind.  But I knew that wouldn't be right.    For the rest of the weekend I am going to eat better and deal with my feelings with exercise or talking through them.  

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I am in shock!

Today was the day when tracking all my food and running over 120 km for the past sixteen weeks have paid off!!!   I received my key chain from weight watchers for losing 10 percent of my body weight.  As an added bonus I also received my sixteen week charm and a 25 pound silver medallion.   Finally all the hard work is paying off.   I ended up losing four pounds this week!  Just nuts but I am trying to savour the moment :)
 I still can't believe it!  I have to say a special thank you to my wonderful, supportive friend Cassandra for suggesting this weight loss adventure!  I am also thankful for my friend Amanda who also decided to join having their support has helped me so much throughout this process.  All three of us text throughout the week whether it's about food, new recipes or we need a kick in the butt to stay on track!   I just adore these girls :)  
I am also very thankful to have Rob (even if he is the doghouse right now but that's a whole other story lol)   He has loved me at any size and when I am feeling fat he tells me  I am beautiful.  He is the sweetest guy I know and is always interested in my meetings at WW and every time I go for a run he asked me how it was??  It's the little things that count. 
I can't forget my biggest cheerleader.  My Mom!   Every Monday after my weigh in I call her to tell her how I did.  She is so genuinely happy for me.  I could not ask for a better mother.  I have over 140 posts on my blog and she has commented  on all of them and it means the world to me!  Love you Mom :)      I am truly lucky to have such a great support system.  
Haha It's like I won an Oscar or something???  Thanking all my friends and family lol. 
Thanks to all the people who read my blog and comment!!  The Blogging World is an added bonus and helps me stay on track!  

Friday, July 12, 2013

Who gets a cold in the summer?

I didn't receive my key chain this week for losing 10%.  I gained 0.8 :( .    I am not too upset.  I know I over ate a couple days plus I got my period.  Next week will be my week!   I am slowly learning that losing weight is not a race but as long as I track everything I eat and exercise, the weight will come off.  Calories in vs. Calories Out

Here's a few pictures of me from last weekend in my new dress for being under 230!

Photo: My beautiful sister!
I don't love my body yet but I am seeing the positive changes :)

My Cousin and I

My sister, cousin and her friend.

Starting to see a trend lol I swear it is only water ;)

 Rob and  My Cousin Amy Two stepping :)

I had a lovely weekend.  I just adore live music :)   After my weigh in on Monday I started having a headache and my throat was sore :(    I am  on day four of my cold.  I swear I have been through a full box of tissues.  And yes Mom I have been using the Netty Pot ;)     I am hoping by tomorrow I will feel better. 
Oh yeah I almost forgot to tell you.  I finally finished Couch to 5K  on Monday!  When I finished running for 30 minutes and I knew I had accomplished my goal.  I let out a Woohoo!!   Then I noticed beside me there were people in their yard  looking at me like I was a lunatic. Oh well sometimes you just need to let it out lol.  Once I get  rid of this head cold  I will be starting a new app called 5K forever.  I will be introducing intervals into my regime.  

My monthly challenge last month was a bust!  I maybe did it once :(    I noticed last month that fast food was creeping back into my diet.  As of July 2 my challenge is no fast. (except Subway)   I have been running a lot but I  have been noticing I need to  bring back strength training.   I am aiming for two times a week.   

What do you prefer Cardio or Weights?   


Saturday, July 6, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy

Wow I can't believe it's Friday night already!   I feel like I have been running from one thing to the next.   It's been a week full of friends, work, cottage life and more.  Here are the Highlights :) 
Sunday- Spent Canada Day with my best friend at her parent's Cottage and 25 of her closest relatives!  I just adore her family and experiencing some of their culture.  Her mother is from Trinidad and Tobago.   Although over the years I have tried a lot of different types of food.  I got to try   Doubles for the first time and let me say it was so yummy and a must try.  
Photo: Beautiful view for the night
Photo: Cottage life :)
Monday- Canada Day!   Drove home from the cottage very hung over and I may or may have not stopped at a place with golden arches :(   I know, I know not the best choice.   The rest of the day involved  sleeping and relaxing.
Tuesday- Worked and went for a long run with my very first pair of running shoes!  160 dollars later :(  but I really needed a proper shoes.   My hip has been bothering me but thanks to my lovely chiropractor I am as good as new.  
I bought the pink ones :)
Wednesday-  Chiropractor appointment,  Weighed in at WW plus  went to the meeting.  I almost couldn't believe the scale.  I lost 3.2 pounds!   Just nuts!  I have officially lost 24.9 pounds :)  I am 0.1 pounds away to getting my key chain for losing 10 percent of my body weight.  I am also out of the 230's and you know what that means a Reward for myself.  I ended up buying a dress which I will be wearing tomorrow.  (I will take a picture to show you)  At night I worked on the patio, it was sticky and very humid. I was sweating so much! 
Thursday-  Had  lunch with a good friend and her son.  Then back to work on the patio :(  It was 40C (104F) with the humidity and of course it had to be super busy which usually is a good thing but running up and down stairs bring food and drinks to customers not so fun :( 
Friday-  Spin Class with my cousin and a bit of shopping :)  Then back to work again in this heat!!  I was praying for rain!  But it turned out to be quiet and it finally cooled down a bit or maybe I just got immune to it lol.  
I usually work the weekends but I have the whole weekend off to go to  a Music Festival that is happening here.  I am seeing Dixie Chicks tomorrow and  Wu-tang Clan, Fun and Tegan and Sara on Sunday.  I am going to be one tired girl by Sunday night.  
Wish me luck that I lose  0.1 pound on Monday :)   
Happy 4th of July to my American Friends.  
Until Monday.