Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week two results

I had to work tonight so I couldn't go to the  meeting.  I did however weight in.  I'm down 2.5 for the week.   It's a good start!  

What I did well:  I did a lot of food prep.  Tried some healthy recipes.  Drank water when I was feeling hungry to make sure I wasn't just dehydrated.  Tracked everything I ate.  Practice yoga.  Took my vitamins everyday.   

What I can improve on:  getting more activity points

I am off on Thursday.  I might stop in at WW to go the meeting since I missed it today.  

What I will work on for this week:  I had 15 activity points for the week so I would like to add 5 extra points for this week.   

Thanks for the support!  

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