Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One Step

It takes one step to press play on a DVD player.  One step to put your runners on. One step to say yes to your health. 

Tonight after work I was deciding whether or not to workout?  After watching Extreme makeover,  Chris Powell is so inspiring!  I decided to workout to Jillian Micheals Kickboxing.  All it took for me to get moving was to press Play!  So simple but the hardest step to take!  The kicking and punching isn't hard to do.  I actually enjoy it.  The choice to hit play, my mind going back and forth, negotiation, that's the hardest part.  But once you do it feels fantastic!  

After having a long weekend here in Canada.  I lost weight not tons but enough to count!  O.8 pounds to be exact.   I am proud of that and you want to know why?  I made a choice to lose weight this week and I did.  I worked out and ate a balance diet.   I went camping over night to Murphy's point an hour outside Ottawa.  It was the first time Rob and I have been there.  We met up with our friends and some of their children.  9 adults and 7 kids!    The whole week I was deciding whether or not to drink??  I was still indecisive the day of but I did buy some alcohol just incase ;).   A low cal option at that.   We arrived around 3pm and by 530pm. My friends were starting supper.  I wasn't hungry yet instead I told Rob I am going to have some drinks tonight so I think this is a good time to go for a run.  I slipped on my runners put on some music and away I went!   The trail was beautiful I wish I would have stopped to take some pictures.  It was a truly calming experience.  It felt like I was in a small town.  People waving at me as I ran by.   I think I ran about 4km.  When I got back to the campsite I was able to enjoy supper,  bond with my adorable friends kids and have adult time with drinks and a few marshmallow ;) and to look up at the stars and see a million of them.  I forgot how different the stars look in the country.  It's all about choices.  Somedays  will be harder then others but it felt good to have a healthy balance.   

Have a good week everyone.  

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  1. Joy, I proud of you , you're learning thru trial and error what works and what doesn't work for you. You've learn to choose a nutritious diet, plan what and when you're going to eat, deal with disappointment, eliminate emotional eating and view overeating as a temporary problem that you can solve. You might have some future mild setbacks along the way, but you've learned to keep these setbacks in perspective. You've learned how to prepare in advance for stressful times. And you are able to stick to your plan, no matter what is going on in your life. You are breaking the yo-yo-dieting cycle so Yahoo for Joy! Mom Q. P.S. You sure had a enough folks praise you on Facebook....great to have so many cheerleaders.