Thursday, September 12, 2013

Th smallest things can make you happy

Just a quick note to say I lost 0.2 pound.  I seriously thought I gained 5 pounds over the past two weeks.  I was happy to see I didn't!    My two friends and I who attend Weight Watchers have decided to start a new goal by the end of the year.   They both want to lose 30 pounds and I would like to lose 22 pounds by Christmas to make it an even 50 pounds.  I think it's a practical goal. 
What is your weight loss goal by Christmas/End of the year? 


  1. Congrats Joy! Any loss is better than a gain :)

    My goal is to get back down to the weight I was last summer, by Christmas .. 12lbs down, 28 to go! I'm trying to pace a 10lbs / month loss .. If I can get as close to my last year's summer weight as possible, I'll be smiling :)

  2. Great goals! Good luck in your journey towards a healthy you. Twenty-three lbs is my goal for long range goal would be to keep it off for 2014.MomQ.

  3. You know....I don't have a mini goal set since I just hit a goal recently. Thanks for the reminder & inspiration!