Thursday, December 22, 2011

3 pound loss this week!

I'm very excited about my weight loss in the last two weeks 6.5 pounds!    It has been a busy  two weeks with work, exam, and holiday gatherings.  Last week I decided to  take a  break from the gym I think my body needed it.  I have been very disciplined with my eating.  I am on day 15 of 18 of no starchy carbs  and very little sugar.   

Funny story:  I was just hanging out with my sister and she wanted me to try the Christmas cookies she made for me (low carb, no sugar)   I took a bite and realized there was oatmeal in it and I wanted to stick to my goal of 18 days of no starchy carbs.  So after one chew,  I spit it out (I was in the car)   I told her It tested really good but I just didn't want to digest till Christmas LOL  I'm nutty but really I think that is true discipline.

well write soon! 


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