Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Gained a pound.

I am not surprised by this weight gain, my eating was bad for most of the week.

Christmas is upon us and with that comes yummy food and drinks. I'm still going to try to watch what I eat and not gain the 5 to 8 pounds gained over the holiday season.

On a plus side I burned 1300 calories last week, it is the most I have burned since keeping track in August.  I am proud of that!
I had a "Aha" moment this week. I was telling a co-worker that I burned 1300 calories he said " That's impressive Joy!  That's  a whole day of calories!  I had not thought about it like that and it makes it that much more of an accomplishment!
I forgot to do my measurements last week   I will start again in January.
I got insulted by a co-worker tonight.  It really upset me.  I  do not think it was intentional but it still hurt. I was walking outside to my car after I just finished my workout. (I was feeling really good about myself for working out because all day I was feeling  really lazy.) I started talking to a couple of my co worker who were smoking.  One of them asked how my workout was?  I told him it was great. Then the other co-worker started talking about a server who has but on a bit of weight.  Then out of nowhere.  One of them said "Do you want to know how to get ride of your gut? ". (Like really come on!). I asked him how and he said to get pregnant.  I said I do know how that will help?  He didn't give me  a straight answer I laughed it off and said don't worry,  it is slowly coming off I will be skinny yet!   Then I think he realized he screwed up and said oh Joy l like you the way you are!  I wish people would think before they blurt out things

What I should have said "Your 50 now you think you would know better not  to say that to a  woman especially one who did not even ask for you advice.  I don't think being preggers
will help with you big Gut!! but of course I didn't.

I know my lower half of my stomach sticks out partly fat and partly loose skin.  I am extremely embarrassed about it and always try to wear long shirts to cover it.

:( Needless to say I binged to make myself feel better.  I'm going to an OA meeting tomorrow or Thursday to help with this.

I hope everyone has a great week!

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