Wednesday, May 9, 2012

7.5 gain (what???)

As I said in my previous post  I did have a 24 hour binge but really???!!   There has to be something wrong with the Wii scale??   I did go out drinking on Saturday night and drank a weeee bit too much so maybe its that.  

 I should tell you about my Saturday it was very spontaneous.  My best friend Jen invited me to go  out with her and her friend Richelle and about 8 other people to party for the night she ask me on Friday and if anyone who know me, I hate making plans on short notice. But we are both going through a hard time so after three hours of begging.  I finally gave in!

My Saturday:

10:00am-4:00pm: Worked at the Restaurant

4:00pm-5:00pm: Tried to find a cute bar top that was inexpensive with no such luck

5:00-7:00pm:  Showered, blowed dried my hair then triple barrel my hair which took forever btw.  Tried on, oh about 8 outfits and put poor Rob through the hassle of telling me how every outfit looked.  (Does this make me look fat?  Does this look better than the last outfit? Can you see my fat stomach in this outfit? etc.)  I was stressing about it !  All the girls I was going with, were wearing dresses but every dress I tried on I felt fat and bloat!  I  finally found an outfit I felt comfortable in. (Pictures to follow)

7:30pm: Pre-drinking at Richelle house met some new people and saw some old friends.

9:00pm:  Limo arrives,  yes I said limo.  It was Richelle's birthday so we rented a limo to take us to Montreal which is about a 2 hour drive from Ottawa. This limo was pimp'in : Hummer limo to be exact.

9:30pm: Right before we turned on the highway  and without warning the limo driver slams on the brakes and of course there are no seat belts so we all went sliding on the leather seats into each other. At the exact same moment I was pouring myself a drink,  liquor flying everywhere lucky for me I didn't get much on me but the poor guy sitting beside got a tad bit wet!   oops I did feel really bad. 

11:00pm:  Pee break at McDonald with the drinking we were doing everyone need to use the bathroom!!! 

12:00am:  Arrive in Montreal it usually only takes about 2 hours but with pee breaks, missed turn and construction it took over three hours. Not that it really matters we were have a super fun time in the limo!

12:05am:  Arrive at the bar, we got VIP and table service, lots of dancing!  The DJ was amazing he was playing a lot of old school music.

2:30am: slowly rounded up the troops to get some poutine and back on the road to Ottawa.  We did however get pulled over by the police for some reason?   But everything turned out to be okay.  I still don't why it happened in the first place? 

3:30am: back on the road to Ottawa

5:30am: Arrive back in Ottawa and my very sweet boyfriend picks me up

Kind of a crazy night eh?

Needless to say...  maybe it's the alcohol that made me retain water?  and have a 7.5 pound  weight gain. 

I was back on track on Monday. 

I usually only go on the scale once a week but I might go on Thursday to see if the scale was playing tricks on me!

Outside the limo, I'm on the right :)
 For those of you who are not Canadian this is what a poutine is.  Fries, Gravy and cheese curbs very yummy.  But I am happy to say I only had one bite.

Look at the size of the limo!  Huge!

This is a triple barell curling iron.  I borrowed it from a friend. It was my first time using it.  I like the look but very time consuming.

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  1. "Just for Today, I shall be unafraid. Particularly, I shall be unafraid to be happy, to enjoy what is good, what is beautiful, and what is lovely in life"
    To my beautiful daughter who is beautiful inside and out. Enjoy this beautiful sunny day . Try to find the time to spend time near the water.......a big tree, take your shoes off , and feel grounded. Maybe ask your kind hearted man to share a walk with you. MQ