Monday, May 7, 2012

Food doesn't solve anything

I'm having a bad day I am sick of feeling worry, anger, disappointment, guilt and betrayal, so to numb the pain  I decided to stuff my face for the last 24 hours.   Now my stomach is bloated, in knots and I feel disgusted with myself.  I need to stop relying on food to make me feel better.  I am even embarrassed to type this but I know I need to in order to get better.  Something is not working I need to try something different to beat this binge eating. I am very aware of why I do it,  I don`t want to feel the emotions I am dealing with so I eat and eat.  Sometimes I am able to stop it but then when that little voice in my head takes over there is no turning back.  I need to start feeling all my emotions, deal with them in a healthy way and move on.  But I have to acknowledge them first or I will never recover from binging.  It is very hard sometimes when I feel the sadness and anger around me especially with close friends and family it is even more intense.  It's almost like I am feeling it first hand. 

I'm crashing from my sugar high I"m going to get so sleep.

What do you do when you are feeling upset?

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  1. Hi Joy

    Here's a saying I thought you might reflect on :

    "Just for TODAY , I will try to be happy, realizing that my happiness does not depend on what others do or say, or what happens around me. Hapiness is a result of being at peace with myself" Easier said than done , I know, Love MQ