Tuesday, May 15, 2012

You know it is a good day when...........

I lost 2.5 pounds this week wish it was more since I had a 7.5 pound gain last week but it is better then nothing.   I really think going on vacation is going to rejuvenate me and get me focused again.  I can't wait to relax in the sun, swim in the ocean, and enjoy a whole 7 days with my Robby.  It's our first trip down south by ourselves and it should be interesting to see how much we love each other after of the trip lol...      

You are probably wondering about the title of this entry.  I was doing some last minute shopping at old navy for my trip and I bought some tank tops, a skirt, flip flops, shorts and a bathing suit top.  I like the tops on me but I realized I needed some proper fitting bras.  I ventured over to Addition Elle ( a plus size shop)  and got measured for a bra.  It turns out I am between sizes 38 C to  40 C and all this time I thought I was a B!!    I bought the 40 C because it was more comfortable but it sucks because it's a rare size.    Anyways I starting looking around and I saw this cute jean dress I grabbed a size 18 but then I realized I'm probably a 16.   So I tried on the 16  and it was too big!  "You know its a good day when you ask for a size 14  and it is the smallest size in the store", it was a pretty good feeling. 

I would love to here a weight loss success story from you... 


p.s two more sleeps till I am in the Dominican!!! 

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