Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Gained a pound

I do wish I had lost weight this week but I can understand why I didn't.  I only worked out once last week due to my ankle.  However I did eat well and I haven't had any of my trigger foods.   This week I am back at the gym.  I am still taking it easy and having to modify some exercise but I am happy to be back!    I went to boxing tonight, It is so nice to get my aggression out :)   

Here is  a picture of myself from my Christmas party last week.     It nice to see my hard work paying off and feeling pretty in a dress.  (Note:  I hardly ever wear dresses, it was nice to dress up )   This dress is a size 16.  I am hoping next year to be in size 12, wouldn't that be great !


  1. You look gorgeous! Pretty dress.

  2. Thanks so much for saying that F.F.A that is very sweet of you :) I got that dress for a steal. It was orginally $140 and I bought it for $40. I love sales!