Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekly update

So far WW is going well it is making me very aware my portion control and tracking my food is now become second nature.  I feel a sense of accomplishment to be see my eating going in the right direction.   In the last couple of years I have noticed I am unable to have sweets in my home  for obvious reasons I will the eat the whole box of cookies in one sitting.   But the other day I bought a scoop of ice cream when I was running errand and I felt satisfied and didn't want anymore.   I think for me, it's better to buy single serving it may cost  more but in the long run my health is more important.  It is odd how things work  out sometimes?

I have decided instead of writing about my weight loss every week I am going to change it to monthly.  I will input the number in the "Weight Watchers Tab"  but I want to discuss more about the changes I notice about the food I eat, reaching all the goals I want to accomplish, exercise, etc.  I don't want to focus only on the number.  Don't get me wrong it's important but there are  so many other things that comes a long with weight loss and I feel writing about this will help me get to the weight I want. 

I am super excited to announce that in the last year I have worked out/exercised 124 times!!   I have been keeping track of my mileage, calories and time every single workout.    

Lastly an update on my 100 mile challenge for the month.  Currently I have done 42.46 miles in just exercise!  11 more days to go here I come :)

Weekly Workouts

Monday- Cybex (30 mins.)
                    Stationary Bike (8 mins)
                    Volleyball (75 mins)

Tuesday- Skip Circuit (60 mins)

Wednesday- Stationary Bike (35 mins)

Saturday- Tennis (50 mins)

Total Calories 1930

Do you keep track of your workouts?  or Write down the foods you eat?

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  1. It's so funny, I was thinking on the way home today at how I've been more focused on the changes I'm making in my lifestyle than I am with the scale. What a refreshing change of pace, to not obsess over that number!!
    Ahh I can't believe our first 100-mile challenge is almost over! It's been so much fun!