Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Weekly Workout Update

Due to my busy work schedule I only worked out twice :(  I know it's a excuse but I feel so tired these days.  This week will be better!  I have a 5 K race on Sunday.  I am looking forward to it but I am a little nervous, I just feel like I won't be fast enough. 
Weekly Workout Update
Monday- Dodgeball
Thursday- Jog (4K)
Total Calories Burned:  640
Starting this week I will add a video blog once a week.  Updating on Monthly Challenge, Workouts, Food and my weigh in!  I hope it will add a little something extra to my blog. 
Have a great week!   


  1. Focus on the activities you did do ..... remember positive self talk.. Richard and I plan to cheer you on Sunday..... Mom Q

    1. Thanks Mom! Remember the sign ;) lol

  2. You will do great at the race. No matter your speed, you will be faster than all the other people sitting at home!

  3. You will do great at the race. It isn't about how fast you go. It's about making the effort to actually do it. Everything will work out just fine.

  4. Thanks Mary that means a lot and it turned out okay!