Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weekly Workouts and Dangerous Dodgeball

I will start with my workouts last week:

Monday- Dodgeball (60 mins)
Tuesday- Kundalini (60 mins)
Friday-    Cycling (20 mins)
                 Body Flow (60 mins)

Total Calories:  1100 calories

I have been following a new blog Journey of a Dreamer and at the end of each post  she writes something she is thankful for.  I love the idea so starting today, at the end of my posts I will do the same.  I feel like I have been a negative Nancy lately and thought this would be a great way to turn this frown upside down! 

In other news, I was in the emergency room yesterday,  I had an accident at dodgeball.  I was trying to Dodge- the -ball which I successful did but at the same time when I jumped out of the way, when I landed my ankle gave out.   Good news it's not broken.  Bad news the doctor said I can't work for ten days which is sucks because I do not get any sick days or tips.   I will try to go to work earlier because one I need the money and two I am already going stir crazy! I am a little worried if I do go back too early I risk doing more damage.   I will take one day at a time and see what happens.   ahh the life of an athlete.   Since I can't workout for at least  two weeks I will focus on my eating.   At least with all this time off I can catch up on all my blogs and TV shows ;) 
I am thankful for having such a caring and supportive family. 


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  1. Woke up at 3:30 a.m so catching up on my e-mails/your blog

    Your injury allowed me to spend more time with you this week , so grateful for now living in the same city as my two daughters...and our Robby. MomQ.