Thursday, January 31, 2013

Weekly workouts and monthly weight in

I am up 0.4 pounds for the month although I would love to see a loss. It could be a lot worse. I had a good loss last month maybe that's why?? Okay okay that's probably an excuse and I will have a better month next week right ? ;).

Weekly workouts

Monday- Cybex (30 mins) Arm workout (10 mins)

Wednesday- Zumba (60 mins)

Thursday- Elliptical (20 mins)

The end of the month is coming soon stay tuned for my monthly updated pictures! (Groan) Maybe I gained 0.4 pounds of muscle lol. It's possible right?

I really have been trying to focus on not worry as much and it has been helping my anxiety. I also think my "extra" anxiety was caused from some vitamins I was taking that contained green tea that equaled six cups in two pills which is a lot of caffeine which reacts badly with my panic attacks.    I have been feeling much better!

Enjoy your week and I truly am thankful to all my blogger buddies!


  1. Don't sweat 0.4 of a gain. Yes, it could be muscle gain :) We will stay positive and just keep trying. Have a great weekend.

  2. .04 is nothing! :) Keep sticking with the program and it will come off!