Friday, May 24, 2013


This post is tad bit late.  I tried to weigh in on Monday but since it was a holiday in Canada I had no luck.  I even tried two different places :(  I did however weigh in on Tuesday and I am sad to report I am up 1.3 pounds.  I am not surprised at all, the numbers don't lie.  I tracked everything I ate and drank and I was in the negative oops!  I know it had to do with the alcohol I consumed but I did have a blast!    Mont Tremblant was beautiful, our chalet was very fancy and it was great to share laughs with friends and sing karaoke till all hours of the night. 
As I had previously posted Rob surprised me with tickets to see Jillian Micheals.  She was an amazing speaker and in another posted I will go into more detail. 
Today in the pouring rain I ran for total of 30 minutes!! Straight!!   I am still in awe of what the human body can accomplishment in such a small about of time.   It feels like yesterday when I thought 5 minutes would be next to impossible!! But I stuck with it and look what happened :)   My 5 km race is this Saturday.  I am starting to get really nervous  and I am not sure why ?? it's not like this is my first race??   Maybe it's because this is the first race I have truly trained for??  Who knows??  
Keep you posted and  I will take some pictures too! 
How is your week going??  Do you ever get super nervous before a race?? 
P.S. My goal is to finish in 45 minutes.  (fingers crossed) 


  1. As long as you had fun and know what you did, it's okay to gain!! You'll get it back off!

    I always get nervous before a race, but my first ever "walking" race, I thought I would totally throw up before hand, lol! I do better now, but the logistics always worry me. Not the running, mind you, but the getting there on time, finding a place to park, finding the starting line, lol!!

    Good luck--you will do GREAT!!

  2. Yipee for Joy .......I was finally able to get back on your site....Love Mom Q.