Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Happy moment / WI

When my friend and I first started Weight Watchers (10 weeks ago) we both committed to sticking with the program for three months.  I suggested we set a concrete weight loss goal.  We both agreed 20 pounds was realistic to lose.  Today my friends I hit that goal early.   I lost 2.3 pounds this week for a total of 20.2 pounds lost.   It's been a lot of hard work and I formed new habits along the way.  
The top 5 things that I have changed in the last 10 weeks: 
1.  I drink a lot more water, the first thing I do when I wake up is have a big glass of water.  I never did that before. 
2.  I am tracking every little piece of food I eat
3.  I run!  I started training the same time I started WW and I believe this has helped me lose the weight. 
4.  I try to eat fruit or vegetables with every meal
5.  I lean on my support system if I am having a bad day or read blogs who inspire me.  
Of course it is still a learning process and I look forward to seeing what new healthy habits I can form. 
Weekly Workouts
Monday- Tennis (90mins)  & Volleyball (30mins)
Tuesday- Running (48mins)
Sunday- Running (55mins)
Running was tough this week.   My heart wasn't into it.  I was feeling down about my pace and how I should be faster.    I did however have an "aha moment"  I realized I am still 60 pounds over weight and my pace will improve once the weight melts off.   The important thing to remember   is it helps me lose weight,  it challenges me and I have been feeling a lot calmer since I have started, and really that's the most important reason to run.   
Today was a good day!  
Next goal is to lose 10 pounds.

PS I started a new challenge for June check it out.  

What tools do you use to stay motivated? 


  1. Lifestyle changes ....sounds so easy yet takes a lot of energy to implement these changes at the beginning, and to maintain them but once it becomes a habit , it will like brushing your teeth.....or putting your seat belt on ...many years ago when your were a little girl....it wasn't a habiti in your life yet! Micki shared a slogan they use at times at A.A. ......".Progress not perfection"........all your determination is paying off.......and it you will reach your goals. Yahoo! Yipee! Wonderful progress. Micki tells she just adores your wonderful personality and sense of humor and is so touched that you actually take time from your busy week to write comments to us Senior Folks.....Love you ....Bye for now , I'm having trouble with my e-mail.....so couldn't send you a personal message, so the other blogs members , will have to read my message ....I so lucky to have a daughter like Joy in my life. MOM Q

  2. wow great job on the 20 pounds!! That's fantastic!

    Don't worry about your speed. It takes a lot of time and patience to increase it and you will get faster as the weight comes off. The point is you are running and your body fat is melting away.

    You are doing EVERYTHING right. So proud of you!!!