Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 recap

Well it's the last day of 2013 and  I thought I would recap on the past year. 

Last January I made a list of goals and things to accomplish. 

Lets check out the list!  

Goals for 2013
1.  To weight 199 
 Sadly I didn't reach this goal but I did lose over 25 pounds.  The past six weeks have been super hard I hurt my back and I had to stop running :(   I am still in a lot of pain especially in the morning and this had lead to binge eating.  This is something I am trying to overcome at present.
2.  Cross off 5 things on my long term goals list
I was able to cross off  four , I tried curling and a TRX class. I ran a 5km under 45 minutes and I lost 50 pounds since the beginning of this journey four years ago. 
3. Pay off 5000 towards my debt  I paid off $7000 !
4. Complete my biology course
I did take the course but it was causing me so much anxiety I decided it wasn't worth it that's for another post.  
5.  Get accepted into nursing
I was put on the waiting list but I am re-evaluated my career goals at the present time
6. Take more yoga classes once a week.  
 I didn't go every week but I have been going to hot yoga in the past couple of months.
7. Read 40 books  (I read 17 books)
8. Run three 5 km races  I ran 4 races !!
Things that were not on the list but are worth mentioning
1.  I ran over 250 km since April
2.  I started a gym jar half way through the year.  Basically I add a dollar every time I workout.  Last month I reached 100 dollars!! 
In my next post I will make a new list of things I want to achieve.  I know for sure being under 200 pounds will be at the top of this list! 
Happy New Year! 

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  1. I think 25 pounds loss is a good loss! And 100 $ sound very good. That means you went for four months non-stop to the gym. Yay you!