Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oh no!

First let's start off with the good news I'm down 2.4 pounds. Yippee!

Now for the "oh no!"  If you have spent anytime reading my blog I am pretty open about my weight.   Mind you I only have a handful of friends who know me in person who read this.   About two hours ago I posted my fitbit stats for the week to both my Facebook and Instagram.  I like to share my happy moments in the hopes it might motivate someone else.    (Btw I am still in the closet about my blog via Facebook).   I noticed someone liked my picture and realized that my weight was posted there for the world to see!  That's scary and embarrassing!   I immediately deleted it!  Feeling slightly relieved that it had only been up a couple for hours.   

Why is weight, such a taboo? and why does it have to be such a hot topic for everyone?   I should have just left the picture up and been proud of how far I have come but sadly I am still too vulnerable and afraid people will judge me.    Would you keep the picture up?


  1. When I was heavier, there was NO way you'd get me to admit to my weight. I think it's natural...we are SO judged by that number, no matter how insignificant it truly is, that we're pre-disposed to keep it quiet. Even now that I weigh much less than most people I know (because I'm not just healthy, but also tiny in stature), I don't share my weight often. Now, however, it's because people react negatively to how small the number is. And it's really NOT...not for me, at least!

    Have a GREAT week!!

    1. Hopefully the judgement of weight will stop one day..