Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Something to talk about

 I have not posted very much in the past few months.  Here is the reason why?  

Back Pain-  It has been a long four months, at the beginning of December, I started to have severe lower back pain  every morning excluding the last couple of days it was excruciating to get out of bed.  At the starting point, I  took a couple of days off work  but  since I do not receive any sick days I pushed through the pain and worked anyways.  Honesty the last couple of months have been a blur.  The first few hours upon awakening the pain would be the worst.  When I started walking around, the pain became tolerable but after finishing an eight hour shift all I wanted to do was sleep but sitting and laying in bed was when the pain became worse.  Turning on my side felt like moving a thousand pounds!  I would also wake up from muscle spasms.   I tried numerous things to help with the pain including:

1. I stopped running (this has been super hard to give up) 

2.  I spend a fortune on new shoes for work

3. We bought a new bed (we didn't have the money but I was trying anything to help with the back pain and had a mini break down from the pain that Rob thought it might be a good idea, getting the bed that is ) 

4. Adjustments from  the Chiropractor

5.Seeing  my family doctor to get an MRI 

6. Swimming, Yoga and using the Elliptical

7. Icing, rest and heat 

8. Taking Advil and Anti-Inflammatory medication

9. Trying different creams such Tiger Balm and A5-35  

And the list goes on.....   

After waiting over two months, I finally got my MRI and ten days after that I received my results.  

I have two minor disc bulges and another two moderate  bulges.  At the end of my spine I have a pinched nerve and this is what has been causing me the most pain. and on top of that, part of my spine is degenerative which means that it is aging at a faster rate then it should be.   When my doctor first told me I was relieved because I started to convince myself I had a cancerous tumor.    Try not  to Diagnosing yourself on the Internet it is a bad thing ! lol   

Now that I have an answer for why I am having this pain, with the help of my family doctor and chiropractor.  I can begin my  action plan.  

 -I will be getting an adjustment every week.  

- Eat gluten-free to help with  the inflammation.  ( I have already started.  I am on day 5 and I am already feeling better)  

- See a physiotherapist to help with different exercises.  

- Using an inversion table 


- swim as much as possible

I am too stubborn to take anything stronger then an Advil and I would prefer to try things that are more natural.  It just makes more sense to me to eat better, exercise and try alternative therapy before reaching for pain killers that are highly addictive and that would only mast the problem.  

I should feel better in a month or two or lest that is what I hoping for  And to be honest the last adjustment I had felt amazing and the pain has been minor.  I hope this keeps up!  I am not sure if it's the bed, the shoes or the adjustment??  Maybe it's a combination of all three but at least I feel the fog has lifted and can finally see life without pain.  

TO BE CONTINUED.........  


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  1. I admire your positive attitude........ Richard and I are joining you in the gluten free lifestyle ..... progress not perfection is my motto. MomQ