Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall is time for changes!

Although I do not like the cold weather that is  creeping upon us.   I do enjoy fall routines and new adventures!  Busy season at the restaurant has started. Thank gawd!! That means more money to pay off Mr. Visa and Mrs. Student Loans.  Which equals Less stress!    I also started night school tonight to help me towards my goal  of becoming a nurse.   It is a little dull but I'm trying to be optimistic about it.   At least my nutty Chinese teacher is hilirous she kinda of reminds of my step mom but that is a whole different story.

With new routines there is an adjustment period.  I am trying to figure out, when I can schedule my workouts.  I would love to have set days and times  to go.  That way I don't have to spent time actually thinking or negotiating with myself when I should go.  I can almost treat it like a job and not think twice about it.  It might be dull to read but I would like to write it down to show a concrete plan.

Monday-  Weights and Cardio after work.  Around Midnight - one am
Tuesday- Cardio 50 mins.  after class 10pm
Wednesday- Cardio class 5:30 (Yoga or Zumba)
Thursday- Cardio session with my bestie 12:30pm or after night school 10pm
Friday- Cardio eirther  after work 7pm or before work 3pm
Saturday- Rest
Sunday- Rest

I don't know how much I will stick to this plan but I am going  to certainly try. 

As for eating I'm going to start preparing meals to bring to work and night school. That way I won't be tempted to stop by a drive-thru or a vending machine. 

Do you have any healthy recipes I can try????? 

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  1. With goals like that you make me proud to be your bf.