Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Gain 4.5 pounds

Last week was my birthday week it is not an excuse not to lose weight and I was pretty good until the end of the week that is when  I lost my motivation and let my emotions take over.    I can not believe I gain so much weight in one week.  Eating way too much of the wrong things and no exercise shows up on the scale. 
 I'm dealing with some family issues and  a childhood friend who is moving across the country.  My birth father is an evil man and he keeps on popping into my life even though I have not talked to him in over two years.   He makes my stomach turn and bring my mother and sister into his twisted life.  Hence why I have been binge eating it seems almost easier to deal with the eating verse dealing  with the emotions of this sick man!   But I know after feeling physical awful from binge eating.  I don't want to feel this way anymore.  So in the next week I have some decision to make and to let go of this anger that has come over me in the past few weeks. 

Hoping for a loss next week.

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  1. Do you feel like me that you manage your eating pretty well as long as life is going well but you may not be able to maitain your focus on eating when something significant comes along to dirupt your rountine. It can be positive (like a birthday) or negative. Do you feel as though you only have enough energy and attention to cope with one area of your life at at time. So do you alternate between working on your eating and dealing with other issues. This either or approach for me leads to yo-yo dieting and a pattern of weight loss and regain. I guess it's about normal eating regardless of what else is going on in my life and just to stay tuned to my stomach. If I'm upset I may need to eat but do I need to stuff myself if I can weather the emotional storms without binge eating I will feeling succeful. So just for today ....aqua fitness at 7:00 a.m. MQ