Sunday, April 1, 2012

Monday will be a new beginning (again)

After three weeks of bad eating and a few major binges.  I have decided its not worth it!  I feel sluggish, bloated and it is only making me feel worse.   It does take a lot of energy to eat healthy but I am up for the challenge!  I have some incentives to eat right and go to the gym.  One, Rob and I are going down south in six weeks and two I have a 10km race in 8 weeks.  

When you are feeling angry or sad what is a your healthy way of dealing with it?

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  1. Since we're starting new traditions and new beginnings ....I won't be buying you "white chocolate" bunnies this year for Easter. How about every year from now on I buy you white flowers?New traditions. New habits take time, this week I'm working at reading labels .I know you will reach your goal,and your trip will be giving you a little push to stay on track.I find just re-examining my lifestyle and finding what keeps me calm so I won't binge has helped me a great deal. This year I was introduced restorative yoga (moi , at sixty-three Yoga?!?) When I feel calmed I seem to be able to talk myself out of binging , prepare healthy meals but when I get anxious the old habits kick in...just for today I'm grateful I'm calm enough to do my aqua ftiness, my restorative yoga and now for my next goal strenght training ..this one will be a big challenge for me, so Joy I might have to start my own blog...LOL. keep up your healthy journey ...healthy body, healthy mind , healthy emotions ...yipee for you! I think you're doing great ..remember you're beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. Love ...Mom