Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Hiking, Cottage Country, Ten week challenge

I hope all  of my Canadian friends enjoyed their Canada day weekend. I sure did! I will get to the details in a second but first I want to share a few things. 

1.  I accomplished my goal of 100 push ups in a week.   I even did my last 25 with a few drinks in me, but It still counts right?  This weeks challenge is to have half you plate filled with fruit and veggies.  This will be a bit more challenging but I am certainly going to try!  If you want to follow the summer challenges here's  the link. 

2. I got a new part time job in my field.  I start orientation tomorrow, I'm looking forward to my new adventure.  For those of you who don't know I took Personal Support Worker last year in school (Health Care Aide)   My new job is working in Home Care.  I am look forward to the experience which will help me gain the skills I will need when I pursue nursing.

3.  I accomplished one of my three month goals. 

I went hiking with my sister in Pink Lake it's a beautiful trail.  It was 2.5 km but with a LOT of stairs and a lot hills.  To make sure I had a good workout I  ran up the stairs and by the end I was a sweaty mess.  I even got my sister to do it. 


This was the view of the trail.  The water was so clear!!   

A picture of me after running down the stairs

A aerial view of the trail

"I'm king of the world!"

At the bottom of the stairs


If you love these photo's my sister took them.  You should check out her website http://www.rebeccaquinn.ca/

My Canada Day was amazing I got to spent it at a beautiful cottage with old friends and new friends.   I tried to make some healthy eating choices such as turkey sausage, whole wheat buns, salads,veggies and fruit  but of course I did have some cookies, chips and ice cream.  

p.s my sister took the cottage pictures too ;)

I would have posted a few more pictures but it wouldn't upload!  I was almost ready to throw my laptop off the balcony!  

I didn't weight myself on Monday since I was away.  I decide to wait until next Monday, that way all the "extra drinks" will be flushed out.

My exercise for the past week:

30 minutes on the treadmill
100 push ups throughout the week
90 minutes of hiking
50 minutes Spin Class

Happy July 4th to my American friends. 


  1. I just adore Pink Lake .. it, however, isn't so kind to me .. all those stairs LOL!!

    You look so great!! Glad you had a good weekend. Good luck at your new job!

  2. I know I couldn't believe there was so many stairs! lol Thanks for the compliment I've been having a "fat week" I have to stop all this negative talk in my head! Orientation is almost down and then I can start working out the community. I hope I like it but at least it will be a change from the RA lol

  3. The lake is beautiful, I wish there were places around here like that.

  4. What a beautiful place to hike and get some exercise in - a double bonus. Those are beautiful pictures and you look so happy1