Monday, July 9, 2012

Weigh in

In two weeks I have gained 4.5 pounds I know this is from my binge eating.  I am obviously not happy by this weight gain but I need to be honest with myself.  I could run away and be in denial or I can continue fighting this battle.   Being planned and organized is important to me and this has been a success in my weight loss.  Lately I  feel like I am all over the place.   

Here is  a list to get me on the right path again.

- prepare meals a head of time
-making sure there is nothing in the house I can binge on
- Talk out my feelings
- Turn to exercise when I am feeling the urge to binge
- Go to an OA meeting
-Keep ahead of my housekeeping (this is not food related but it stresses me out when the house is not clean which then leads to eating)

I know what I should eat and I know what I should stay away from.  There are some food I can't have any of  example: chocolate, pizza, chips and baked goods these are my triggers and there are other food I know I can have in moderation jello, pasta, rice.  I just have to DO IT!  I am starting now!     

I worked out 2x last week burned a total of 630 calories.

Time to get ready and go to Spin Class. 

What are some weight loss tools you need in your weight loss goals/success?


  1. Way to go Joy .. I often find that having to start fresh can be a daunting task but you SO have the right mind set! :)
    I find on my list, I always need to make a meal plan, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, for the week ahead of me. That way I buy only what I need and don't have any extra temptations in the house! And I always have to keep trying new things ... When I get bored with what I eat, that's when I get restless and tempted to cheat!

  2. Starting over is the best thing to do and good for you on staying committed. I can't tell you how many times I saw a gain and just quit. Looking back I see that was the absolute worst thing to do. Stay strong!

    One of my weight loss tools is to keep my goals in front of me and to remember all the things I have accomplished.

  3. Thank you Laura. and yes that is one thing I have to do is try new heathly things. I just wish I had a passion for cooking lol

    Thank you for the encouragement Diane :)