Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yoga on the Hill

This afternoon was wonderful, I did something I have been wanting to do for years!    I tried yoga outside for the first time.   I have been practicing yoga for over 16 years now but doing the practice outside was a grounding experience.   On top of that it was beautiful day, it was free and it was at The Parliament Hill.  (For those of you who are not Canadian I live in the Capital of Canada and The Parliament hill is a historic site and a site too see! )  

I got to experience it with my lovely cousin.  It was a great memory to share.  It was an hour long at noon with the sun beating down, sweat pouring down my face, with 1054 other people.   The instructor was amazing and quite funny!   You could feel the calming and positive energy.  Despite the flying beetles, the uneven ground and the sweat going into my eyes I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to do again!    They offer it every Wednesday at noon for the summer.  They are also trying to reach attendance of 5000 people!  

I hope you are having an amazing week!  What is something you have done recently that you been wanting to do? 

I'm posing for the camera lol  Not the greatest shot of me but it's the only one  my cousin took

This is my cousin Amy,  I love doing workouts with her.  She is such a good friend.

Crowd shot (The Parliament Hill in the background)

p.s I felt like a movie star when I looked up I realized onlookers were taking pictures of us yogis!


  1. Richard will be proud!..Feeling the energy from the earth....and doing it on Parliament Hill near the water ... both of you should feel re-energized. I'm glad you and Amy enjoyed your Yoga on the Hill.

  2. I've always wanted to be a part of the Yoga on the Hill .. I admired the yogis from afar and now that I'm practicing it myself, maybe I should go to one?!

  3. You should! If you ever want to go let me know and we can go together :)

  4. How very, very awesome!!! I wish that there was something like that around me. Ha, not that I do yoga or anything. ;) I LOVED the picture of the crowd with Parliament in the background--an excellent shot! You also look very cute in your pose. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much "that loud Redhead" lol I love your blog title :)