Saturday, August 4, 2012

Moonlight Yoga

I am always trying to find cheap and fun things to do in Ottawa and I stumbled across this website that writes about all the events in Ottawa big and small.  I was looking up the schedule for the Busker Festival (street performer's)  when I came across this
Full Moon Yoga - August 2 at Mooney's Bay Beach
Sports & Recreation • Posted by OttawaStart on August 01, 2012
Full Moon Yoga
Thursday August 2nd, 2012
Mooney's Bay Beach
Join lululemon athletica and Amber Stratton, co-owner of Pure Yoga Ottawa, in Ottawa's first outdoor yoga class under the starry night sky (and full moon of course!). This Pure Power Flow class will be dedicated to synchronizing our breaths with the water and energy of the moonlight that surrounds us! Bring your mat, your yoga buddies and a flashlight! Class begins at 11 pm.

I was so excited!!  It was free and Mooney's Bay is literally a five minute walk from  our apartment.  I brought my sister with me well more like forced and dragged ( lol you know it's true Becky!)  but I was so glad she came.  I know she was nervous she has only done yoga once before and she didn't want to be self conscious but I said "there is no judging in yoga!! "  You just do what you can and really listen to  your body .    Being the loving sister that I am I gave my sister my mat since I forced her to go and plus it was her birthday.  I did all my yoga poses on the grass which I thought would be very grounding but holding poses on your knees in the grass felt more like little needles poking into your skin lesson learned bring a second mat or a sweater or something!

There must have been over 100 people there with there mats spread out surrounded by candlelight. We tried to take a picture but it  was way too dark. I was  also able to spot two of my friends who joined us for yoga.  I would definitely to this again!   

Do you have fun or interesting this to do in your town ?  I would love to hear about it.


p.s Your probably wondering did my sister like it??  Well I will let her comment and she can tell you herself. 


  1. I wish SO much that I can go one day!! Stupid 8-12am shifts! :(
    I'm hoping to make it to at least one Parliament Hill yoga before summer ends!

    1. I hope you can to :) If you can I would try to go Aug 15th they are trying to get 5000 people which I think would be an awesome experience!

  2. It was great! My knees killed even with the mat! But what a great way to start my new year if 38!!

    Love big sister vecky

  3. What a great experience and how wonderful that you and your sister did it together!

    Our town is pretty small so a movie in the park is about as exciting as things get around here. And once there was a shooting at it, so NO, we do not go to those either!