Friday, November 2, 2012

Monthly Challenge Update

Last month I decided to  challenge myself to no fast food.   I did 24 days out 31.  That works out to be 77%  it could have be better but I am happy with what I did and it made me realize how much I do eat out.   I also made a conscious effort to keep snacks in my purse so I wouldn't be tempted to eat out.  The ab challenge  was also on my list for October but I decided to focus on doing one challenge a month otherwise I get too stressed.  And this is suppose to be fun right?  
I am super proud of Rob  he didn't eat fast food at all this month! I love how supportive he is, It makes me love him that much more! 
For November's challenge I searched the web to find something different and I found this on  If you haven't checked out this website it's a great tool and it's free! 
Here's the challenge, wish me luck!

500 push ups - it's like doing 17 push ups a day, etc.

1000 crunches - it's like doing 34 crunches a day

60 min. of planks - it's like doing 1-2min. plank a day

500 squats - it's like doing 17 squats a day

500 lunges - it's like doing 17 lunges a day, per leg.
Sorry for my last post I was a little up and down.  I am not giving up on my health it just gets a little bumpy along the way.   My main focus is to get enough sunlight (fake or real)  and exercise everyday even if it's just a walk around the block. 
Anyone what to join me in this challenge?? 
Thanks for reading


  1. Wonderful goals ! Everyone has good and bad months so I'm proud of you for setting new goals this month.....just maybe you were a little overtired, LOL I was just exhausted after reading your last post. Joy , you introduced me to yoga yet I don't see any mention in your goals..... a few poses a day might help you keep calm emotionally and help you get a more restful sleep. Yipee! for Rob & you for becoming aware on how much most of us eat out in 2012. Honestly, growing up , we ate at home 95% of the time (yes, that's a lot of dishes to do everyday, but we did it)..... the only fast food, I can remember is ordering french fires from the chip wagon when I visit my Memere in Cornwall. The good old chip wagon has been around that long , a little bit of history for you!!!Mom Q.

    1. Thanks Mom it means a lot that you are proud of me :) I just bought a new yoga dvd so I will be starting that soon.

  2. What a great challenge: no fast food. I like that idea. I too try to avoid fast food and even restaurants in general. They both seem to blow the calorie count out of the water. Keep up the motivation to keep improving.

    1. Thanks Liz :) I find it hard to stay motivated but I find it helps when I set monthly goals for myself.

  3. That's an awesome challenge! I hope it is going well. I'm working on doing a 5K this month so that's my challenge right now.

  4. Thanks Diane and a 5K is also a great challenge I look forward to reading about it on your blog :)