Thursday, November 8, 2012

Without a Cellphone! Am I in the dark ages???

I just wanted to share my day nothing unusual happened or very exciting but it was still a great day off.   I met with my friend during the day she made me lunch and we had a few hours to catch up on our lives.  We went out for a long walk (that is the only way her baby will nap) it was nice to be outside with nature on a sunny fall day.    Afterwards I had some errands to run and treated myself to a manicure and then met up with my cousin at the gym to do a Spin Class.  We both haven't been to a spin class in months and we were both dying/hurting/sweating  but it was worth it.  It's funny every time we take a class the instructor always draws attention to us, it's probably because we talk a lot and we are interesting to talk to right???   who knows??  but it never happens with my other friends..  Maybe it's a family thing?  lol
I am missing my cellphone  :(    I have another two to three weeks without it. It's in the shop.  It's kind of sad how attach we get to "things" but this thing is not only my phone, it's my alarm clock,  my watch, my calender, it keeps me connected to Facebook, my calculator, my GPS and so much more to organize my life.  
Am I the only one so attached???  It's giving me a headache just thinking about it lol
Thanks for reading.


  1. Here's something for you to think about,when I was living overseas when your sister was a newborn I had no phone or T.V. ...the country at the time just didn't have the technology. When we needed to make a phone call we had to go to your Dad's boss' villa to make a phone call.....very few phone were available. They did have T.V. but it was all in Arabic. Meanwhile your Dad was in the middle of the Saraha for 2 weeks at time..... and home for 10 days . LOL kinda gives me a headache thinking about it..... enjoy your quiet time without your magic phone Love MomQ.

  2. lol Now that is the dark ages :) I am still missing my phone :(