Saturday, January 26, 2013

Panic trying to find the power

First here is my weekly workouts

Monday-   Body Flow (60 minutes )
Tuesday -  Jane Fonda DVD with my mom (20 minutes)
                      Treadmill (30 minutes) + Weighlifting (minutes) 
Thursday- Circuit training (15 minutes )

My panic attacks and anxiety have been  unbearable this week.  I know it because I am stressing about things in my life and trying to be this "perfect" person.   I know I am far from being perfect but it is like I am striving to be perfect in every area of my life.  I REALLY want to get out of debt as I have posted in previous posts and I have created a budget that allows me  to pay over 900 a month in debt.  I should be proud of that but when I sprained my ankle in November it put  me back a bit because I didn't receive any tips or wages for ten whole days.   I need to learn how to plan for the unplanned.  If that makes any sense?   I need to let go and have a bit of breathing room and realize that there will be set backs in my life and THAT'S OKAY.   This is something that does not come easy to me but I will have to learn over time otherwise I will keep getting these damn panic attacks.  :( 
The same goes with my diet and workout regime.  I do all the right things going to the gym, log in my food, try new eating plans to find the right fit for me.   I have to learn to ride the waves.  There may be times when I gain a pound even with my best efforts but as long as I am doing and following the right plan it will improve with time whether it is my debt repayment plan or my healthy eating.  I believe stress can do a lot of harm on your body and I have seen it over the last several weeks.  I need to start giving myself a pat on the back for all the hard work I am doing and stop being so hard on myself.   My motto for the next little while until it becomes routine is to ride this wave we call life!! 
Thanks for reading 


  1. I take a lot of stress too (& I cant preach about it) but I do know as a *fact* that stress increases cortisol levels which messes with what we are trying to do--lose weight!

    Ok Iwill preach anyway, you reallly need to stop taking too much stress, it will take time and setbacks happen to all of us!
    I'm sure everyone one who has lost weight, faced this!

    Hang in there

    1. lol Thanks Z and you are right and everyday I am trying to worry a little less.

  2. Just keep trying and working toward your goals. My daughter suffers from anxiety too and I know it can be tough. Try not to be too hard on yourself and as I tell her, "llife is full of changes and unexpected things." You can do it!

    1. That's what I will try to do.. I feel like the little engine that could that keeps trying new things and new challenges to break through this. I am glad you can relatd to me :)

  3. You have the right idea...just let go of what you can't control. It's hard but you CAN do it!!

  4. Thanks for always encouraging me it means a lot.