Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tension at Work

Weekly workouts

Monday- Elliptical ( 30 minutes )
Wednesday - Stationary bike ( 20 minutes)
Elliptical (20 minutes)

Monthly challenge update: 200 push ups since Februarary 1st! 800 more to go! How are you doing? 

Today was a bad day but I did not eat my feelings! I have been having a lot of trouble with a co-worker basically she has no respect for me and is ignoring me. We were friends at one point but over the years I got sick of putting up with her passive aggressiveness that I started calling her on it which she hasn't liked. It has been a miserable two weeks at work.     I was so angry with her tonight, I came home and tried out my new Jillian Michael's DVD. It's a kickboxing workout so after 30 minutes I felt better. I am still upset but at least the steam from my ears have stopped. 

Have you ever had tension with a co-worker? And how did you deal with it?


  1. I think everyone has had coworkers they didn't get along with. I've dealt with it many times in the past. Now days I don't get close to anyone I work with for that reason. When the friendship ends, it causes tension at work. Just remember that your paycheck and career are more important than drama.

    1. Thanks for the tips Mary :) Drama sucks!

  2. I have not worked ever, but I can feel the tension in domestic areas,(mil, sil). Its very natural. I personally think that those who 'hate' or 'are jealous' of us do such things. So feel proud that this co-worker probably feels you are above her and she just thinks ignoring you can make her feel better. *Shallow*

    1. You have two sons so you have worked! Ha ha I love your perspective on things :) I sent my co-worker "an olive branch" and things have started to smooth over.