Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Do it anyway...

It was almost 2am before I left work tonight.  Someone called in sick which meant more tables to serve and longer hours.    I realized I hadn't completed my planks, push-ups and jumping jack for the day.  I really wasn't in the mood to do it all especially after working for almost ten hours!!    But something inside me said "Come one Joy!!  It will take less then 5 mins and then you will be done so Just get it over with!"  So I did at 4am in the morning did my 70 jumping jacks, 14 push ups and 60 sec plank.  It really wasn't that hard, sometimes you just have to do it anyway.   
Weekly Workouts
Tuesday- Elliptical (30 mins)  Stationary Bike ( 15 mins) Push ups (100)
Wednesday- Push ups (185)
Friday-  Elliptical (30 mins)  Weights ( glutes, triceps and abs)
Sunday- 90 Jumping Jacks, 12 push-ups and 1 min. plank
Rob and I have to send our car to car heaven :(   We thought we had another six months so we could pay off some debts but no such luck.   We took it into the shop yesterday thinking we could put a few hundred dollars into  it  to last the six months  but has gotten so rusty that our friend/mechanic handed over the keys and said " it's time to buy a new car there is nothing left I can do for you."   Our poor silver bullet...   I will always remember you for the good times, road trips, camping trips, driving us to work, to the gym and so much more!    
I am not looking forward to car payments, but we our pretty excited to buy a brand new car!    I was upset at first today about the extra  cost to our budget but in the end we have been good with our finances.   It is just a little setback and a bit of an adjustment to our budget.    
That's enough about that!!  I have been thinking lately that I would like to do more research on eating healthy  and exercise and posting my findings on my blog.  I believe this could not only help with my weigh loss but help with gaining some extra knowledge.   I will keep you posted on that in the next week or so.  
First I have to research what kind of car we have to get lol?  The joys of being an adult!! 
How is your week going???  Is their any websites you use for learning how to eat healthy? 


  1. Good for you! I probably would have skipped exercise for that day. Sad, but true. What a shame about your car. I just paid mine off, so I know how disappointing it will be to deal with car payments again. It will all work out in the end though. Good luck on choosing what kind to buy.

  2. wow, thats some steel will-power! I too, would have skipped the workout, I skip easily!

  3. Good for you, for just doing it!! That's how we get it done! Happy car shopping :)