Tuesday, April 23, 2013

WI Results/Pictures/Stats

I am happy to report I lost 2.7 pounds this week.  It was challenging, I had a lot of cravings but I stayed under my weekly points and worked out a lot!   I received another 5 pound sticker today at WW.  Total Lose for the Month is 10.8 pounds. 
Weekly Workouts
Tuesday- Running (35mins)
Wednesday- Body Pump (55mins)
Thursday- Running (35mins)
Sunday-Running (35mins)  Golfing Range (30mins)
Training for my 5 km has been a love/hate battle.   I have completed a total of 11 runs and I will be heading into week five of my training.  This is the first time I have been extremely disciplined.  In the past, it was inconsistent and I lacked the drive.   It is nice to know I can even surprise myself with my accomplishments.  I am starting to see why people run for years and years.  When I am running I stop thinking about the mindless stuff we all think about that causes us stress.    For me at least, I am so focused on my breath and getting through the run it feels like mediation.   Yoga is the only other activity that I feel this way. 
I am missing one run in the Nike running app but otherwise these are my totals since I started.   If you don't have this app, Download it.  It's amazing :)   

Turkey Meatloaf Muffin

Here's the recipe for the turkey muffins I made last week if anyone is interested.  http://cleananddelicious.com/2012/06/15/jaime-easons-turkey-meatloaf-muffins/

It is finally starting to feel like spring.  

|Final Thoughts:   My heart goes out to all people who were effected by the Boston bombing.  It makes me sick to my stomach to know how much damage two people can affect on some many lives!     I am glad the suspects are found and people in Boston can sleep a little easier and slowly start picking up the pieces of this awful event.



  1. Yahoo! keep up the good work. MomQ

    1. Thanks mom! You are so supportive and I love you for it!

  2. WOW!! GREAT loss!

    I love the Nike app too. Use it all the time. I've been trying to concentrate on my breathing too and focusing on a forward motion - you are so right - it makes it like meditation.

    You are doing great. Keep up the awesome work!!

    1. Thanks Tina ! I am going into week six of training it's seems to be getting harder then easier lol. I am so happy for how well you are doing its truly amazing !

  3. Good job!! Going to look at the nike app now :)

  4. Thanks Z! I hope you love it as much as I do! Let me know if you like it :).