Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ho Hum

I had originally starting writing this long post and for some reason it didn't save :(    Now I am too annoyed to write it again.  GRRR Don't you hate when that happens??

Last week's weigh in was +0.1, I expected it and I am moving forward.  This month has been very hard and challenging, not one of my favorite months, that's for sure!   With the exception of Halloween of course.     This second half of this week has been better and I feel more in control of my eating.    Weigh in tomorrow we will see how it goes. 

I did my 4th race of the year.  It was rainy, cold and windy but I am glad I did it :)  My wonderful mom and stepdad drove me to the race  to cheer me on.  Rob couldn't make it because he had to work :(   I beat my PR by almost a minute.  42:02 :)   I was running my last kilometer when I saw these two girls,  my first thought was oh that's so nice there cheering on their friend, as I got closer I realized it was my friends!   I was so touched that they came out in such crappy conditions.  They even ran the last part of the race with me!    I am one lucky girl.  I am not sure if I would to this particular race again ,  there was 300 people.  I prefer the bigger races but it was a learning experience.   I have one more race of the year, in December I think it's a Santa Race.  Should be fun!

PS  I finally tried a new recipe!!  I know shocking :0    Rob even liked it and went for seconds :P  

Here's the recipe if you are interested.  It's super easy.


  1. I'll wait for your phone call tonight . Maintain your waist lost is accomplishment you should be proud of . I checked out your recipe , sounds delicious. I love Crock Pot cooking in the fall and winter....once you have a few recipes you both like you can teach Rob on to prepare one. Despite our detour , I'm glad you able to make your race and it was great of your friends to come and cheer you on.

  2. That's so awesome that your friends came out to cheer for you!! Great job on beating your last time!!