Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I stayed the exact same, again!  It's time to switch something up in my diet or exercise.   Not sure what that is yet but I am working on it.   My eating the past two days haven't been great I have been feeling hungry all the time.  I hate that feeling :(    But I am not going to let these two days sabotage the rest of the week which is something I would have done in the past.  I want to be the healthy women I deserve to be  which I know is going to be hard work and so far I believe I have been doing well but I know I need to step it up!  I was thinking tonight about trying a new recipe each week.  I am not sure If I  have expressed how I am feel about cooking but really it's not something I enjoy doing.  I wish this wasn't the case but even if I don't love it is still something I have to do and maybe one day it will change into something I like.   I also think this will help with my boredom of food.  I wish I could be more like my boyfriend.  He can eat the same things over and over again it doesn't bother him.   If I ate the same thing too much I get so sick of it and I don't want to eat it again. 
Now on to a couple of happy things: 
Rob and I, over the past few years have really enjoyed Halloween and picking out fun costumes.  I have always had to pick out a plus size costume.  This year... I was able to wear a Large!!   I couldn't believe it...   I am going to be Cookie Monster :)  Even though my costume looks more like Cookie Monsters Girlfriend lol.  
Finally I can cross another thing off my long term goals.   I finally tried a Kettlebell class.   It was actually TRX/Kettlebell.  I loved how challenging and sweaty I was after the class.  I was able to keep up with most of the routines.  I only had to modified a few things.   The people in the class were really nice and helpful.  The instructor was a little strange he was talking like a game show host which  I thought was odd lol  but whatever it helped distracted me when something was really difficult.    I wanted to take a picture of myself with a kettlebell but I was too shy.  So I took an after picture of my sweaty self. 
Yes I was sore the next day!! 

This is one of the exercises I did with a Kettlebell

I also got Rob to take a picture of me tonight so I can compare from March.   I have a butt again :) 

March 2013 (Before)  October 2013 (After)



  1. That class looks like so much fun!! I've always wanted to play with kettle bells, I'll have to give that class a try!

    You're doing amazing Joy .. A maintenance isn't as much fun as a loss on the scale, but it's 1000X better than a gain! :)

    Laura :)

  2. Staying the same isn't bad!! I wish I had. :p

    The class looks almost fun...looking forward to hearing more!

  3. PS: have you tried Pinterest for recipes? I used to HATE cooking, now I almost enjoy it. Pinterest makes it fun! :)

  4. Wow, great before/now pictures - it's real easy to see you've slimmed down a lot. Just a suggestion, you might really like using a crock pot, since it's essentially no cooking, just putting raw veggies & meat in, set the timer, and have a delicious meal 7ish hours later :)