Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sky is the limit

I gained 0.7 pounds last week.  Struggling but since April I have lost 30 pound.   I really want to be under 220.   I know this may sound strange but I am thinking of pretending that I am starting from scratch.  I am 223.6 as of now so starting from today this will be my new "starting weight".    For some reason I think I got it in my head that 30 pounds is a great loss and I am not pushing through!  I guess for me I have do this by increments.  Lol. whatever works right ?  Lol. So my new goals is to lose 20 pounds in three months. That would put me at 203.6.   That would be so wonderful!!  I can do this, even if these are the hardest months for me.   With my friends,family, Rob and YOUR support!  The sky is the limit :). 


  1. Sounds like a good plan! You can do it. Have you been drinking your 8 glasses of water? I've slipped up the last few days back on track tomorrow. Mom Q.

  2. I love that idea!!! Go to it, girl!!! You're awesome!!